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Mar 24, 2008 12:01 PM

Cheburechnaya alternative for Saturday Evening?

Hey all! I have a group of 11 coming into the city and I am looking for a place for a good group meal. Cheburechnaya would be perfect (cheap, interesting, plenty of space, shared food, etc...), but of course it doesn't open until later on Saturday night. Any other good alternatives? A place like that where I could order for the table and we could share it all would be perfect.


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  1. All of the Kosher Uzbeki restaurants are closed until the end of the Sabbath. Cheb opens promptly after sunset, which isn't too late this time of year. I'm usually one of the first patrons on Saturday evening. The lamb fat is to die for, and I'm sure, eventually, it will, in fact, kill me. :)

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      although it opens at the same time as cheb on sat nite, i'd recommend eilat at 9725 64th Rd, 718-459-1200. the owner, isaak, is the sweetest man and the service and food are vastly superior to cheb, in my opinion. exactly the same menu, with a few less salads and a smaller beer/wine list. but a really intimate vibe. and cheaper than cheb, too.

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        hey myclawyer if the Lamb fat dosent kill you then your mother will when she finds out how you have been polluting your body

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          SF Brother,

          If you tell mom about my lamb fat jones, I'll tell her how, when we were kids, you used to eat entire jars of Fluff with a spoon in the bedroom when she wasn't looking.

          Your bro.

      2. Thanks for the endorsements and info. I'm more convinced than ever to try the Kosher uzbeki places. However, we can't stay that late. Anyone have any thoughts on an alternate place to go?

        1. I would go to Sripiphrai in Woodside or Spicy or Tasty in Flushing, either one should be able to accomodate that amount of people. Srip is wonderful, although I never go on the weekends because it's a zoo, but if you went early, that would probably work out well for you. Look up Srip for TONS of info if you haven't been, it's the best Thai in the city, all boroughs, if not regionally. Great for sharing lots of interesting wonderful dishes.

          somebody posted this good video link above for their recent adventure to Srip, this might be helpful for you.

          Spicy and Tasty is Szechuan, alot of people also like Little Pepper, but the atmosphere at Spicy and Tasty upstairs with its big round tables is nice and comfy, while Little Pepper is a bit of a dump. ALso, little Pepper is much more adventurous way out stuff, and Spicy and Tasty has some good variety for all. Both are reasonably priced. And of course sharing would be fine.

          I'm not so crazy about all the Uzbek places, but then I'm not a big meat eater. I like their garlic french fries, and carrot salads, but I get real sick of the food quickly, and always wish I was eating something else as I'm eating it. The atmosphere is also a little depressing in my opinion. But, they do have their fans.