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Mar 24, 2008 11:51 AM

Current South Lake Tahoe Rest Recs!

I'm going to be in South Lake Tahoe Wednesday through Friday of this week. I was wondering if anyone has any current recs for Fine dining (dinner), lunch, etc... Haven't been in a while, any recs would be greatly appreciated!! We would probably drive up to 30 minutes (one way) for really great places outside of South Shore, but South Shore area would be first choice! Thanks!

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  1. evans at the Y is always really good and i realy like chart house up kingsbury grade- beautiful view. and cafe fiore over on ski run...
    have a warm woody at riva grill at the marina......
    oh yeah, and 19 at the top of harveys- some think it's too trendy but i've never been disappointed there!
    have fun

    1. Anyone else have any suggestions... Leaving in the morning!! Thanks

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        We ate at Blue Water Bistro last Sunday night and overall, found the food to be delicious. It's an upscale California restaurant right on the water -- very nice...

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          I had the bouillabaisse and it was excellent. Good wine list by the glass, the St.Michelle Chardonnay went well with the meal. Service was excellent and the view was outstanding. Will definitely go there again.

      2. We loved sprouts for a delicious healthy lunch, and then I love the brewery pub for a good pint and nice pizza. I've not had much luck anywhere else...

        1. I'm not sure what you mean by "fine" dining, but we were in SLT last week and had a great meal at JT Bar Dining Room in Gardnerville NV. The food is Basque and served family style. I had lamb chops (loaded with fresh garlic) and my wife had sweetbreads. Typical of Basque dining you get a bowl of soup, salad, entree, main course, wine, coffee, and ice cream.

          The drive to Gardnerville is by way of the Kingsbury Grade and is about 12 miles and around 25 minutes from SLT. It is a spectacular drive with a fantastic view of the Carson Valley at the top of the grade.

          Before dinner be sure and have a Picon Punch at the bar.

          1. This is too late for you but others will be looking for good food at Tahoe. We had our favorite lunch at Freshies Restaurant and Bar (3330 Lake Tahoe Blvd.) last week. We couldn't remember EVER having French fries as grease, no off-flavor of cheap /old oil, just perfectly done potatoes. The fish was ultra-fresh, served with a wonderful dill sauce, malt vinegar, lime wedges and lemon wedges, so you could choose one or all. Chicken strips in Tempura batter were outstanding, as was the cole slaw dressed with an Asian sesame sauce that was the perfect amalgam of sweet and sour with a bite. Coconut cream pie was a light and fluffy concoction I keep trying to duplicate. And people in a neighboring booth were swooning over their Key Lime cheesecake. Others raved about the fish Tacos cooked your choice of 3 ways. The waitress said she preferred the blackened fish. I'm still salivating, wanting to go back and eat my way through the entire menu. P.S. It's a good place for vegetarians and picky eaters who look for the most flavor for the least calories. Nothing is dripping in oil.