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Mar 24, 2008 11:51 AM


I am looking for the best place to eat Sushi in DC.

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  1. I hear great things about Makoto, but I´ve never been. I do love Sushi Ko in Glover Park (going tonight actually) and I believe its the best in dc, but that´s just me

    1. If you are looking for something more affordable I highly recommend Sakana on P St in Dupont Circle. The Sakana Tempura Sushi is one of the best pieces of sushi I've ever had....delicious and addictable.

      1. Maybe not the "best" but I've been enjoying Uni lately in Dupont. The fish is very fresh and portions are generous for the price. It's a lot better ambiance than Sakana, and I find the staff to be a lot friendlier (they don't rush you out of there, too).

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          I'm in the Dupont area quite a bit on business and I always stop by Uni - I like it very much as well. They have a tea-smoked salmon that I've been craving lately...

        2. I really like Sushi-Ko and you def. cannot go wrong there- fresh and they have so many options that range from very traditional to a little off-beat and always delicious. However, it is pricey and I never manage to get out of there w/out spending a pretty penny. For a cheaper and equally fresh fix, I frequent Kotobuki, which is above the higher-end Makoto. It is very fresh and insanely inexpensive as far as sushi goes. Be prepared for a much more bare-bones atmosphere and not very many creative rolls but is sashimi is your thing, you are in for a great meal. Make sure you try their shrimp shumai (i am pretty sure they are house-made) and the speciality of the house, the monkfish liver (I know it sounds weird but just do it- at $6 it is a steal and it is absolutely delicious).

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              Second KAZ - I really like their inventive Japanese small dishes too. Had the fatty tuna there last week and it was like if heavenly butter on the tongue. Skip dessert, though. I also like Momo's on Queen street in Old Town.

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                I third Kaz. Fresh fish, good ambiance, and things you won't find most places. Anhdeluxe is right - usually for the desert, I reserve some space for the tuna with black truffle sushi.

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                  although I have to say, KAZ's food is wonderful, but they've had a snotty and snobby maitre'd the last couple of times I've been there.

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                    We've never had an attitude problem at Kaz. Also, it should be noted that KAZ supports BYOW with a reasonable corkage fee. Might I suggest Champagne?


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                      I just have had a server who was never around, 10 minutes drink order, 20 minutes dinner, food 45 min to an hour later, with a waiter nowhere to be found, so if you didn't order enough good luck getting more. But the bar area is probably better. But my sushi was good, bf's wasn't he got less creative things and they just weren't good. We had such a bad experience we won't go back even though my chefs tasting menu was pretty good, there are just too many places in DC to go back to somewhere we had such a bad experience at.