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Mar 24, 2008 11:12 AM

Pre-Show meal in Annapolis

I will be in Annapolis next weekend to see a show at Ram's Head and am looking for a good place to have dinner before hand. I haven't spent too much time in Annapolis but have dined at Metropolitan and Aqua Terra in the past as well as a few brunches at Middletown Tavern. It also seems that both Metropolitan and Aqua Terra are gone?!? I've read all the comments on here regarding Annapolis recs and I think I am more confused than ever -- so I thought I would just put it out there exactly what I am seeking and see what I get!

I am seeking a place with great food but not super formal as we will be in our "music show" attire. Would love to stay on West Street (if possible) so we could just park... go to dinner and then walk over to Ram's Head afterward. Our favorite foods are Seafood, Mediterranean, and anything with small plates-- so I was pretty happy hearing about Kyma... but apparently it is pretty awful! The space looks very cool however! We love sushi , but don't think I want that before "beer drinking"... and my husband won't try Thai food (I have no idea why)... (so that scratches two of the biggies... Joss and Lemongrass)

Seafood would be great... what is Jerry's Seafood like? is that an option? (I read that they have stewed tomatoes which makes me happy!) Also, does Purple Tooth serve dinner or just some wine accompaniments?

OK.. so West Street recs preferred... but seeking any ideas and suggestions... Thanks so much in advance! I apologize for posting another Annapolis board!!

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  1. Luna Blu is a charming quiet little modern Italian directly across from RamzHead. Jerry's bought Metropolitan, has anyone heard if it's still swank or did they turn it into just a crabcake dive? And is that true--did Aqua Terra finally go away?

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      The space is still swank, now the food is actually good. Jerry's at the Metropolitan is what it is now called I think. I have to say I find Luna Blu to be pretty average. The service can also be slow if you are in a hurry. Last time I was there I had a truly awful risotto. The Purple Tooth just does wine and cheese. If you like seafood go to Jerry's. They will be happy to serve you in your casual attire. We went a few weeks ago and really liked the offering, but not cheap.

      I agree kyma is just plain awful. I have tried to like it, but it is just barely passable at best. If you want mexican El Toro Bravo is there. Also pretty average, but would fit the bill if you are in the mood for that kind of place. Since thai and Sushi are out I guess Lemongrass and Phad Thai will not work, but they are decent for what it is worth.

      Another option would be to go to Tsunami and order the non-sushi items. I always get sushi, but friends have been pretty happy with other dishes.

      That pretty much covers the West street offerings for walking to Ram's Head. As you probably already know the food at Ram's Head is pretty bad, so venturing to the surrounding areas is a good bet. A bit further down West, a far slightly iffy walk, gets you to the new Park Place complex with some chain offerings. Morton's speaks for itself, and Fado's has it's fans.

      Enjoy and report back on your findings.

    2. Paul's Homewood is on West St. a bit farther out past the new circle (about two blocks farther out). It's a local favorite with loyal clientele, nice neighborhood ambiance, Mosyly Greek /Mediterrean menu, nice, not snooty wine list. Friendly staff is mostly all family members. Moderate prices. No need to dress up.

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        Do you know if Paul's has any vegetarian dishes?

        1. re: odkaty

          I am not sure about veg on the menu, but they will accomodate you if you just ask. I have frequented the place with Vegetarians and it was never a problem. A lot of the Greek dishes are vegetarian, such as spanikopita.

          1. re: JRCann

            Thanks! I will be trying it soon.

        2. re: JRCann

          Paul's Homewood sounds pretty tempting.... do you know if they have a website so I can take a look at a menu? I tried to find one without luck... saw an article on it from the Washington Post that was pretty favorable though...
          Do they still have parking (since the renovation) or suggestion on where to park?

          oh, and thanks for the recommendation!

          1. Practically next door to Rams Head is the new Stan & Joe's Saloon at 37 West St, where Sean Donlon's used to be. They have half price drinks and 50 cent (!) local oysters until 7pm, to lure in the Ram's Head music crowds. Lots of casual seafood choices and other American comfort food. Including chili cheese fries which will definitely tide you over during the show. :)
   Look at the home page for the daily specials.

            I would rate the food at Rams Head On Stage some of the better chow at a music venue in the entire region - way better than its sister venue at the Birchmere. So if you're running late, don't sweat it.
            Here's the menu:
   And the Fordham brews made right there are a huge plus.

            1. Hey tapas gal, where did you end up? We're headed there this friday night.

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                Alas... Mr. and Mrs. tapas gal splurged on Patio Furniture Saturday afternoon so we decided to keep dinner on the cheap and easy. We just grabbed some hummus, soups and salad before the show. Oh and of course a couple pitchers of Copperhead Ale. Everything was perfectly fine. Not the best cream of crab soup I have had.. but by no means the worst... Although I must say the Beet and Honey Salad was pretty tasty. Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese, Cashews and Mandarin Oranges in a honey-lemon vinaigrette. I especially enjoyed the honey-lemon vinaigrette.

                Forgoing buying the patio furniture... I would still have liked to check out Paul's Homewood...

                maybe you can pick up where I left off and give it a try?