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Mar 24, 2008 11:06 AM

DC for the weekend


My wife and I are spending this coming weekend in DC from Boston.

We are staying Downtown at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel and need a few recommendations.

On Friday night we are arriving late so we need a late-night recommendation, very open as far as type of cuisine is concerned and would be happy with a hole-in-the wall type place that serves excellent food.

Other than that we are staying through Sunday evening. So need some local tips for the following.

-Local Bakery that serves baked goods for breakfast on Saturday
-We will be doing the museum thing on Saturday so need a nice sit down lunch place near-by.
-Saturday night for dinner we want to try a restaurant that is unique to DC. Price is no object, but would like to find the perfect combination of great food and atmosphere. To give you an idea we love to eat at L'Espalier and O-Ya in Boston when we are looking for something more on the high end side of things.
-On Saturday evening would like to go to a nice Bar where the bartenders take their cocktail making seriously.
-Afterwards we are also huge Jazz fans, so any recommendations on a great live Jazz club would also be appreciated.
-Sunday: A great Sunday brunch, who serves the best brunch in DC?
-Sunday lunch: Looking for a rec on a great North African or Middle Eastern restaurant.

Thank you so much hounds in advance!!!

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  1. Well, without doing a search...
    1. Firehook
    2. Depends on what you mean by "museum thing" as there are a few, and if you want to see the native american museum, there's a great cafe there. At regular Smithsonians, there's not much to eat nearby. If you go up towards the Capitol, Le Bon Cafe next to the Library of Congress is good.
    3. Jaleo/Oyamel/Cafe Atlantico. Or, Obelisk. Or Central (probably can't get a reservation, but you never know.)
    4. I heart the cocktails at PS7. Others will know more about bars.
    5. This isn't the place for music recommendations, but HR-57 on 14th St has live jazz.
    6. Bisto Bis. Maybe Georgia Browns. Tabbard Inn is my favorite.
    7. Lebanese Taverna, Mama Ayeshas within the city limits would fit the bill.

    1. If you have a car, I'd recommend you drive to Alexandria (8 miles from DC) to have cocktails at the PX and dinner at Restaurant Eve, both owned by Chef Cathal Armstrong and his wife, Meshel.
      Todd Thrasher is one of the area's best mixologists and makes amazingly unique cocktails. The PX is a speakeasy type place where you get dressed for the occasion.
      A couple blocks away is Restaurant Eve with it's tasting room and bistro. Eve also has a very nice bar and lounge with equally elegant cocktails.

      For Sunday, you could visit the Dupont Farmers market. I always suggest grabbing a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks on Dupont Circle, and wandering through the market nibbling on samples. Atwater's and Bonaparte have great breads and pastries!

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        The best cocktails in the area are at PX and Eve - every one I've tried is excellent and you definitely can't go wrong at either. If you want a phenomenal meal as well then I would highly recommend dinner at Eve. If you want to stay in D.C., PS7 is a good choice - try their gin cocktail with lavender and lime.

      2. If price is no object ... and you are willing to make it the event for the evening ... rent a car and go to Inn at Little Washington. It's unique to the area and AMAZING. Ethereal experience guaranteed IMHO.

        1. Don't know where you are staying, but you could go to the Eastern Market for baked goods.

          Central is really nice and near the Museums. Also TenPenh and 701 (sometimes 701 has jazz, but I doubt it has it during lunch). Zola is near the Portrait Gallery and Spy Museum. Also the Source in the Newseum is open, but I don't know about lunch.

          Saturday night I would go to Marcel's, Citronelle or I majorly Second Restaurant Eve and PX. The cocktails might be even better than the food. Although I don't think there is any jazz nearby. If you went to one of the others you could then taxi over the the 14th St area for jazz.

          For Sunday brunch I really like Bistro Bis, too. It is filling enough you might not want lunch. Also Poste is really good and a little lighter. If you happen to be in Northern Virginia instead of DC which I doubt Tallula has incredible brunch, I just went again on Easter Sunday and it seems no matter what I get it is amazing. If you were in VA for brunch, they also have some great middle Eastern lebanese butcher, lebanese taverna, lebanese market taverna, me janna, the pita house. In DC I like Zaytinya (although they have a lebanese taverna too, but I have never been).

          1. 1) Friday Night Late -- I've heard great things about Cork (but have not been myself)
            2) Bakery -- Can't help, but if you don't minda real 'joint' kind of place and more of a greasy spoon if you can't find a bakery option you like, then try Florida Avenue Grill. <urp>
            3) I'll echo the suggestions of Jaleo, Cafe Atlantico and Central (never been to the latter but heard great things. If you go to CA, get the guacamole. Another option would be Teaism (bento boxes, great tea and salty oat cookies).
            4) Saturday Night dinner. I cannot recommend more highly both Palena in Cleveland Park (easy metro hop) and Komi near Dupont (another easy Metro hop). I give Palena the edge, but both are fantastic.
            5) Sorry can't help.
            6) Sorry can't help (I'm a wino guy not a cocktail guy)
            7) Can't help much, but Georgia Browns has a decent brunch.
            8) I'll second Lebanese Taverna...