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Mar 24, 2008 10:36 AM

Delivery in Scarsdale

We're moving to Scarsdale in a month or so. What are the best places for delivery? More specifically...Chinese, pizza, sushi? Anything else of note?


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  1. Japanese- Kirari in Scarsdale, or Toyo in Mamaroneck delivers. Toyo is better, but it depends where in Scarsdale you live for a delivery.

    Pizza/Italian-Italian Village, Amore, Cassano's, A'mangiare (they just changed the name, not sure of the new one), Mezza Luna, Pizza Station.

    Chinese-Hunan Village 2 (very expensive). Seven woks (take out only). And then there are the fast food Chinese places like Chop Stix and SE Asia Cuisine.

    I know Metro Diner used to deliver, I'm not sure if they still do. It is more of an upscale Greek diner than an older style greasy spoon.

    Indian-not sure about delivery places, but Bengal Tiger in white plains does take out.

    I hope that helped. Anything more specific you are looking for?

    1. Not sure where you are in Scarsdale

      Pizza - Amore, Pizza Station, and S&J are all solid pizza places. Mezzaluna, PIzza Station have good food. I would stay away from Mezzaluna's pizza, with the exception of their Tomato slice which is awesome. be careful there are some really bad pizza places in Scarsdale also. Don't really want to bash anyone by name

      Chinese - I like the two Garth Road places. Chop Stix and Golden Duck.

      Depends on where you are, but Ribs on the Run in Yonkers has some pretty good BBQ if you're into that,

      Personally I'd be scared to get sushi as a takeout dish, so I don't know of any places. .

      Can't think of too many other takeout places.

      1. I have lived in Scarsdale for a long time and the delivery options are pretty slim. For pizza delivery, Mezzaluna is the best of a mediocre selection. For good pizza, you'll need to pick it up yourself from Sal's in Mamroneck, or Johnny's in Mount Vernon.

        Chinese is even more problematic. As noted below, the Chinese places in the village that deliver are of the fast food variety and are not even mediocre. Seven Woks in the Golden Horseshoe is OK but doesn't deliver. My favorite delivery option was a place called K. Fung's in Hartsdale but it closed last year and has been replaced by Hunan Village 2. I have not tried HV2 yet, but I asume it is an outpost of "Hunan Village" which is located in Yonkers on Central Avenue. HV is, I believe, well regarded (I haven't been there in at least 10 years).

        Your pick-up options are better. Try Ribs On the Run on Central Avenue, the Metro Deli (at the 5 corners), Spice Village (for Indian) in Tuckahoe, Bengal Tiger or its more casual sibling across the street (I forget the name) in White Plains (for Indian). Lange's in the Village has good sandwiches and Balducci's (at the 5 corners) also has some good take-out food.

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          Update: I tried Hunan Village 2 in Hartsdale this weekend. Good news--it was quite good. The food was fresh tasting and carefully prepared. No gloppy, sugary/salty sauces! I believe they deliver but I'm not sure if they'll deliver to Scarsdale.

        2. We live closer to the Mamaroneck border so we tend to get take out from Mamaroneck. Never or rarely order in -- takes too long.

          Sal's for pizza, Toyo for sushi, Rani Mahal for indian (we like it better than Bengal Tiger).

          For chinese, we bring in from Bao's in White Plains. Only 10 minutes from us.

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          1. re: valerie

            Thanks all. This does not sound too promising! We're in Bronxville now and have been spoiled with the additions of Haiku and Wild Ginger to our delivery list.

            1. re: lilly1114

              Hi there,
              I also live in Bronxville. If you like Haiku and Wild Ginger you should try Tanto. I don't think they deliver, but I get take out on occasion when shopping/going to the gym in the area. it's just North of Lord and Taylor/Trader Joe's by the Fish Market people rave about. They have above average sushi. The noodle/Ramen soups always look really good, I've been meaning to try it, but the portion is really big. They also have Teriyaki and other hot foods.

              1. re: SweetPea914

                is tanto open late? (can i pick up take out on my way home from the train station)?

                1. re: raider

                  According to their take out menu they're open until 7p.m. Mon-Thurs. And until 9p.m. Fri & Sat. Address is 839 White Plains Road. Website is, but doesn't seem to be working.

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                    Had the same problem. Then I found the directory and clicked on the menu. The link to the english menu is actually

                    Looks pretty good. I noticed this place on my way back from White Plains yesterday. I assume it is the place with the sign that says "Ramen" on the outside. I think I need to try this.