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Mar 24, 2008 10:26 AM

Sushi in Pittsburgh

I'm driving into Pittsburgh for a concert and wondered if anyone had a good suggestion for sushi. Location is not a concern. I am more than willing to go out of my way for good sushi!

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  1. This might be worth a read - it pretty much covers the territory courtesy of our young, opinionated and oft-controversial new food critic.

    I'm partial to Little Tokyo's Mt. Lebanon location because it's almost right across the street from my shop. If I were entertaining our out with friends it would probably be Umi for the upscale atmosphere. Both are good. Haven't been to the others as I've been quite satisfied with those two.

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      Wow! Thanks for the links! That's a big help!

    2. Chaya is supposed to be one of the best in Pittsburgh, I'll be trying it for the first time in two weeks.

      1. Chaya is indeed very good. I've also had good experiences at East Winds Asian Bistro back when it was known as Sushi Two on Carson St., and via takeaway from all three Strip District fishmongers (Penn Ave. Fish Company, Benkovitz and Wholeys).

        A longtime resident of San Francisco and fairly well-traveled soul told me that the sushi at Umi was as good as he's had anywhere. As I've been generally underwhelmed by Big Burrito restaurants in the past — especially their pan-Asian fusion place, Soba, just down the block — I've yet to feel compelled to find out for myself. Maybe I'm missing out.

        A must-avoid, I would say is Nakama, unless you're interested in a meat market/people-watching scene.

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          Wow! What a great list! Does any of these restaurants serve ankimo?

        2. I've had wonderful sushi at Umi on Ellsworth Avenue, and I'd definitely recommend is as a place to go to with friends as it has a wonderful atmosphere.

          1. For those that have been to both, would you recommend Umi over Chaya or Chaya over Umi? I have plans to go to Chaya with a friend and were we likely going to get the Sushi and Sashimi boat. I'm now having second thoughts about getting Omakase at Umi instead.

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              I will be traveling to Pittsburgh next month. Are there any good sushi places within walking distance of the downtown Marriott or Hampton Inn?

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                Umi is better. It has more creative and unusual items and a more artistic presentation. It also shares the extensive beer, wine and liquor choices of Soba as it is located above Soba on the 4th floor. It is also easily double the price of Chaya.

                Chaya is BYOB and quite minimal in its atmosphere and presentation. I have never been to Japan/Korea but it strikes me as more authentic and down to earth. The fish is fresh and the choice of other dishes is quite extensive.

                It really comes down to price and whether you are willing to pay for the upscale atmosphere and innovation of Umi.

                1. re: meatmaster

                  Thanks meatmaster, if the quality is the same but the atmosphere is better at Umi, I'll stick with Chaya. I'm going with my cousin so atmosphere isn't important this time!