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Mar 24, 2008 10:20 AM

Sushi Park on Sunset

Just west of La Cienega, 2nd floor strip mall. This place is the real deal. No American style sushi (no spicy tuna roll, no California roll). There are only 5 small tables and a sushi bar. You can do Chef's special or order your own. Chef's special they just keep bringing sushi till you stay stop. The service was Japanese style, very attentive, and the sushi was the freshest I have ever had in Los Angeles. Everything was outstanding. The blue crab roll was 100% authentic with no mayo or filler. The atmosphere was warm and quiet, not insane and rushed like Izaka-ya on 3rd St. The bill for 2 people with no alcohol was $83.

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  1. I second the thumbs-up -- fantastic sushi, ridiculously fresh, easily one of my top 3 favorite places.

    That said, I'm shocked you got out of there that cheap. We had 2 people, one small bottle of inexpensive sake, ordered the Chef's special, and in total it was just over $200.

    Of course, maybe we just ate a lot more than you. Because we did leave quite full for the $200... Fortunately, I wasn't paying. Hooray for expense accounts.

    In any case, highly recommended, as well. I had a skipjack there that nearly made me cry it was so good, and the uni was hands-down the best uni I've ever tasted.

    And I'm going back as soon as I can find someone else to foot the bill again.