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Mar 24, 2008 10:19 AM

Rabia's in North End tonight (3/24/08)

Heading to Rabia's in the N. End tonight and since I have never been here before I am looking for suggestions. Feedback on the place would also be welcome.

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  1. It's simple, affordable Italian-American restaurant. The Veal Parmiggiano is good and well prepared. The restaurant is small but has a very comfortable and relaxed feel to it.

    1. Had a great dinner here last night. I got the chicken margharita with figs/apricots in a grand marnier sauce. DC had gnocchi with ricotta and raved about how great it was. I think if we both could have licked our plates we would have.
      Did think the caprese salad was a bit skimpy for 6.00- 4 slices of tomatoes (very small plum ones at that) a few small slices of fresh mozzarella and the tiniest sliver of proscuitto I ever saw. It wasn't even an entire slice of proscuitto- just a tiny piece (and sliced a bit too thick for my liking)! Other than that- everything was excellent.
      Dinners are a bit pricier than we like to see but there are still some great meals for about $20...
      Worth trying.