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Gardena Bowling Alley: what to order?

A group will be going to the Gardena Bowling Alley Coffee shop on Thursday.
As I peruse past posts, all I see is the bacon fried rice. I'll be sure to order that, but is this one of those one-item restaurants? Is there anything else there ono to order? Thanks .

Nomo is trying to make an MLB roster again. Go NOMO!!!!!

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  1. One of these two sites or both should have plenty of info on Gardena Bowl and many other plate lunch/hawaiian places in and around Los Angeles.



    1. I usually get the char siu fried saimin. They also have their own special Portuguese sausage patties special with rice and eggs which is pretty good. Surprisingly, the Japanese combo plates like tempura and beef teriyaki rivals many traditional Japanese restaurants. It comes with miso soup or salad plus tsukemono and tea just like the big boys. It's always crowded so they must be doing something right?

      1. Check out their specials board. Everyone has some kind of favorite there, not a one hit wonder kind of place. My favorite is their Portuguese sausage patties and eggs.

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          Thanks. I hope that we enjoy it. Will definitely order the bacon fried rice and another dish. Love Gaja, Musha, Kotohira, Yellow Cow, Chantilly, Shin Sen Gumi and Komatsu as well. I hope that I can add it to the list of great places in the South Bay Area

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            "Coffee shop" is throwing you for a loop. Yes, its a coffee shop in a bowling alley. Forget the bacon fried rice-- check out the specials board and peruse the Japanese combination platters I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I go for the simple things like their home made Portuguese sausage patties (secret recipe) and Hawaiian style pancakes.

        2. If y'all want to review the menu, I just uploaded it to the place link.

          Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop
          15707 S Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

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            For legibility, here is the menu uploaded as a photo attachment.

            EDIT - it is displayed identically (and poorly) like the pics in the place link. Arggh!

          2. Bacon Fried Rice, Two Egg Scrambled or over easy on top, w/ a side of portuguese sausage......oh baby....comfort food at its best. Tonkatsu, Tempura, and Saimin are all noteworthy as well.

            1. Gardena Bowl has always been consistently good. TNT in Torrance is another good place since they originated from GB a few years ago. My wife adores their special fried rice which I believe is called the Hawaiian royale(?) which has Portuguese sausage, char siu, and everything you can think of. My personal favorite is still the char siu fried saimin which I think is enough for a sumo wrestler. Check out the daily specials on the wall to see what they have. Their teriyaki and tempura dishes are something you'd find at high end Japanese restaurants. Don't let the coffee shop name fool you.

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                The "T" in TNT is the daughter of the former owner of Gardena Bowl Coffee shop. When the owner sold the business he agreed not to open another place to compete with Gardena Bowl, so the daughter opened it up? Same great Hawaiian grindz....some say better than the currently run Garden Bowl Coffee Shop. I can't tell the difference.
                Loco Moco with Portuguese patties for me.

                TNT's Aloha Cafe
                24032 Vista Montana
                Torrance, CA 90505
                (310) 375-4553

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                  Just went for lunch yesterday. I had the Aloha Royal (I think that is what it is called) that is scrambled eggs w/sausage, chau siu and one more meat??? not sure. Anyways, it covers several scoops of white rice. We also had a TNT fried rice to share. These were all very good and I especially liked the sausage. Finally, my friend had the wonton mein. she gave me a wonton, it was eh, but the broth was nice and flavorful w/out being too salty.

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                    Went with friends on a Thursday. Sorry, but I was a bit underwhelmed. It was nice because it tasted "like mom used to make" but nothing stood out as spectacular. We had the bacon fried rice and the pork dofu. Solid and good but not wow like Musha or Gaja or Shin sen gumi. It's like a Kotohira solid.

                    Go NOMO!!!!!

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                      Yes, agreed, not like Musha or SSG, but then again, it is not an izakaya but Hawaiian. So really you can't compare.

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                        You still have to realize that it IS just a coffee shop! This is not a first line high-end gourmet restaurant but a comfort fast food place catering to mainly locals. I think the price is right which is commensurate to the clientele. Next time you're in the area, try the Cherrystone one block north of Gardena Bowl. Their prime rib on weekends have no rival for $11.95!

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                          Thanks. I know that it is a coffee shop, but I was waiting for "soul-transforming" fried rice. I felt the bacon was not crisp enough, and if I would go there again, I would order it with weiners instead. I know that I'm in the minority here, but I don't find the ramen at Daikokuya all that special (compared to Shin sen gumi) but man, Daikokuya's fried rice was a WOW!!!

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                            You like fried rice....try Koraku in Little Tokyo. They don't have bacon fried rice but probably one of their most popular dishes. They got it with an omelette and gravy on top or curry fried rice. I think its better than Daikokya's.

                            314 E 2nd St
                            Los Angeles, CA 90012
                            (213) 687-4972

                2. The Cha-Shu (sp?) lean, BBQ Pork in scrambled eggs, with rice. Very Good.

                  1. I always get their saimin. My dad likes their portuguese sausage

                    1. The Hawaiian Royale