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Mar 24, 2008 09:58 AM

Yonge and College/Carlton

Hello All,

This is my first post but I have been reading the forum for quite a while. Next week I am moving to a new area of the city. Although it wasn't an obvious choice, the central location and view from my new place were too much to overlook. I realize I'm a 10-15 minute subway/cab ride from anywhere in the city but I was hoping people could provide suggestions that were in the neighbourhood (5-10 minute walk). I would appreciate any good suggestions on places to eat or buy groceries/baked goods/meats/cheeses etc. I would specifically appreciate suggestions for Sunday brunch and good coffee. Thanks.

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  1. I used to live at that area in the Maples buildings - I would recommend:

    North Indian - Kathmandu on Yonge St. East side between Alexander and Maitland.
    Pizza - Hornero's - Woodburning oven pizza, on Yonge right across the street from Kathmandu
    Pasta - Pasta Perfection is a good place for quick takeaway Pasta for under $10. West side of Yonge St., North of College/Carlton, south of Grenville/Wood
    All Day Breakfast - Coach House at Yonge and Wellesley was my favorite when I lived there. Slack Alice also had a pretty good brunch menu, but that was 4 years ago.

    Butcher Shops - Cumbrae's at Church and Wellesley, you can't do better for meat.

    1. There is a horribly overpriced Dominion (aren't they all though) in College Park. Sobeys is just a bit north of College\Carlton on Yonge.

      Hair of the Dog is a great restaurant on Church - one block north of Carlton.

      1. I have always enjoyed brunch at Fire on the East Side. Bar Volo is always great for upscale beer options and decent casual food.

        A second vote for Cumbrae's - fantastic butcher.

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          I second Fire on the East Side. A very cute intimate place!

        2. Olympic 76 Pizza (8A Gloucester Street) makes fantastic pizza at a very good price--not the thin crust kind like Hornero's, more substantial. They've been around forever. I concur with Pasta Perfection. You could also consider going south back down to Salad King (just off Yonge N. of Dundas) for very good Thai or to Commensal on Elm (if you want some healthy vegetarian---decent but not great).

          1. Coffee, you're not too far away from Bulldog, which is a great indie coffee shop. Some posters here don't like the attitude of the place, though (ie. they don't take pennies). I like that it's not cookie-cutter.

            Church St. is probably your best bet for shopping, in addition to the aforementioned Cumbrae's there is Reither's, which has a selection of European goods as well as nice prepared meals. You'll end up at the Dominion a lot though.

            Sunday brunch, Hair of the Dog is good.

            Also you're a close walk away is Linda, one of my faves for Thai, upstairs from Salad King. I love the ambience and service as well as the food.