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Mar 24, 2008 09:15 AM

Parents visiting Charlotte, NC

My parents are visiting this weekend from Louisiana, and I want to take them to a restaurant with good but reasonably-priced food and a comfortable atmosphere. I want to stay away from major national chains and will probably not go the Cajun route--I want to expose them to something new. I'm open to all cuisines and any area of town. Any ideas?

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    1. I disagree on Lulu. I didn't have a very good meal there. I would suggest Nikko's on South if you want to try sushi. Rooster's is good. 131 Main would be a good one too. Oh - 300 East is pretty darn good.

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        I liked Lulu's food, but don't think it meets the original poster's request for a "comfortable atmosphere". When we went there with a party of four, we felt terribly cramped and I couldn't move in my chair without knocking the guy at the table behind me.

        The new Nikko location is only comfortable if you're under 25.

        Of course I always recommend Carpe Diem, but while I find the food reasonably priced for the quality, it's not inexpensive.

      2. I'm partial to Dilworth so I'd recommend Copper, 300 East, Cantina 1511. They'll love the neighborhood and those are all great restaurants. Also consider Elizabeth or uptown.

        1. I think going ethnic might be the best way to go. If they are here on the weekend Dim Sum at Dim Sum Restaurant on Central Ave will be fun.

          1. Saffron is great for Indian, they have a huge boothed corner that is so cozy and beautiful. Greek Isles would be great - I'm trying to convince my family to go. It's a place that would be great for a large party looking for something different. The Waldhorn is another great place that has wonderful food but is comfortable - and even fun.