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Mar 24, 2008 09:06 AM

Serapes, Enfield CT--Smokin'!!!

Finally, I can endorse a reasonably authentic Mexican spot w/i driving distance of the Pioneer Valley. I was there on Sat night, & there were no other gringos, just Latino families & workers. The salsas on the table were great, and amazingly, were not used to flavor subsequent (e.g., green enchiladas) dishes. Instead, each dish had its own salsa--a very positive sign. Refried bens, always the test of autheticity, were wondersul in only the way preparation with lard could make them; ditto for the rice. The horchata was top notch, & they actually make micheladas, which are very rare outside of Mexico. Kudos to this wonderful joint, & pa'l carajo with the pseudo-comida in the rest of the Valley!

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  1. Yum! Can't wait to try this place. I LOVE micheladas - and we now have a big bag of sal de guisano in the cupboard thanks to my friend who brought it back from Oaxaca.

    1. homesickforfood, so glad you found and enjoyed this little gem! One little note, they spell it Sarapes in case anyone needs info over the phone and has to spell it. (See my post of Mar 8 for more info)
      HSFF love your name! I too, was homesick for food but it depended on where I was at the time. When in Texas, I missed good kielbasa, McCoun apples and Stateline potato chips. When I was in Az, I missed good brisket, BBQ and the above. Oh and of course seafood! Now that I'm back it's the Mexican and BBQ that I crave. Since we've got the Mexican covered with Sarapes, anyone got a lead on some good BBQ? : )

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        Thanks for the correction & the kind words! Now that Holy Smokes is gone, we might be SOL re: BBQ.

        1. re: homesick for food

          You tried BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge MA for BBQ? Pretty serious stuff.

      2. Has anybody been to the original Sarape in Hartford lately?

        I haven't been there in a long time, I wonder if it is still good.

        Sarape Restaurant
        931 Broad St
        Hartford, CT

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          Still better than good.... Your getting lazy. I wrote a long review two weeks ago:
          The meal was really good and reminded me of the few authentic places I've eaten at in the US.

        2. Micheladas? Ok, now I'm really there.

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            The chili or other spices in the Michelada I had at Enfield location made my drink a bit gritty. I've never had this kind of cocktail before, so I don't know if that's typical.

            Nevertheless they have very tasty pork stewed in pipian sauce, worth trying if you live anywhere nearby. Tamales are just OK. Beans and rice barely passable.