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Mar 24, 2008 09:06 AM

Very cheap eats in Fells Pt/Inner Harbor/Federal Hill area

My high school-age daughter is planning a party for a friend, and the guests can't afford more than $20/person. Any chance anyone knows of a suitable restaurant that could accomodate a dozen or so (well-behaved) high school kids?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. How about some place like BOP Pizza in Fells Point? You could probably fit about a dozen kids around the tables, or you can take the pizza outside and eat it in the square. $20 per person should be plenty.

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      El Trovador on Broadway does a good cheap party

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        If they like Thai- I would think that you could eat for $20 a head at Thai Arroy on Federal Hill. Also, Mother's- you can eat sandwhiches and buegers for $20 a person. I will polit out that many of the places in Fed Hill/Fells point are Bar/Restaurants. While a place like Mothers certainly is a large part restaurnat, you might want to consult with parents and make sure they are ok with thier kids going there.

    2. I would call to see if you can reserve space for 12 but I think Matthew's Pizza in Highlandtown would fit the bill.

      1. how about Nacho Mamas?

        1. How about Iggie's pizza on Calvert st. in Mt. Vernon? You can try to reserve the communal long table in the middle. Don't know if they take reservations but the pizza is yummy and atmosphere is fun.

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            I have held a few party's there and they are great and very accomodating- they will even let you decorate if you ask. It's a great place and if you get lots of little pizza's everyone can be adventourous- currently they have 2 seaosnal pies that I reccomend- the pear/balsamic and the potato w/ italian meat(can't remember name)
            A couple of Mac& Cheese for the table is great!!!

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              If you are firmly committed to your loc. I'd reccomend SoBo in Fed Hill. A Funky Arty reasonable place with food that should please a range of tastes. I Recently took my highschool age nephew and a few friends. They loved it and it avoids the whole bar overexposure issue.

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                You'd be hard pressed to feed a crowd for under $20 a person at SoBo. I didn't like the food that well either, but that's only based on one visit.

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                  Really? I've found that they had several inexpensive options- last time we went the bill was 16-25 a head: entree w/ either soup or dessert.
                  As far as food It's simple but the ingredents are good and fresh- I'm not claiming this to be my favorite place I just think it is a good place that was liked by highschool foodies-thats all

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                    Again, I've only been there once, but I'm pretty sure there were one or two options at $13-15 and went up from there, with most options in the $20 area. Once you include drink, tax and tip you're going over $20 a person easily unless you're very careful to order from the lower end where your choices are limited.

                    To easily keep it under $20 a person you need lots of options in the $10-15 range, and SoBo doesn't fit that bill. It's possible to do that there, but it takes caution in ordering.

                    Ellen's suggestions below are spot on, as are the Thai Arroy and Iggie's recs. Luca's Cafe and Junior's Wine Bar in Locust Point and Federal Hill respectively are nice places with a interesting pizzas that are $11-12.. Neither is a place that I'd be afraid to recommend to high schoolers.

          2. Carolina's Tex-Mex would definitely fit the bill--and, I think, would seem very exotic! If they stuck to simpler fare, the very cute nautical dining room at One-Eyed Mike's would also work.

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              One-eyed Mike's is very dark and the dining somewhat depressing or too mature. I think a more upbeat place would appeal to high schoolers. I think Pazo would be great especially if the kids opted for the 1/2 portion offerings of the entrees there.