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Mar 24, 2008 08:33 AM

Bagels and steaks in London

Hi London hounds,

I've lived here for 8 years now and have still failed to find (1) anywhere in central/West London that does really good bagels (no, I'm not going to travel to Golders Green or Hendon and yes, I do know about the Brick Lane Bakery), and (2) a really, really South African/NYC-class steak joint. I'd be very grateful for recommendations on either front. In particular, has anyone tried the Popeseye in Fulham?

PS: Any views on the new Cafe Anglais in Bayswater?
PPS: Any recs for Baltic/Scandi food now that Lundums is gone?

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  1. I've lived here 4 years and have never found a good bagel. I'm too far for travelling to Golders Green on a regular basis. I now make my own bagels with my trusty bread machine. My kids were amazed how good they are. If I was younger, I'd open a shop!

    1. popeseye is in brooks green, no? in any case, its a good - sometimes v. good - neighborhood steak place that serves steak, salad and fries with a moderately priced wine list. go early - the results are always better when the cook isn't harried.

      the best steak i've had in london has been at the cheyne walk brasserie - its cote de boeuf comes from belgium and is superb.

      in general, steak in the uk is very different tasting from that in the us - you can pretty much taste the grass the animal was fed on. the meat here isn't as marbled but i've grown to appreciate it a lot.

      for argentine meat, try el gaucho (put pls not the gaucho grill) just by south ken tube.

      1. If you're around West London, why would you discount Golders Green/Hendon - it's North West London?? Don't really know of any decent bagel places in central to be honest.

        For Scandinavian stuff, there's the Scandinavian Kitchen - 61 Great Titchfield St, W1W 7PP, or there's the new Swedish place called Fika on Brick Lane - 161a Brick Lane E1 6SB - haven't tried it yet, but it's on the list.

        Chakalaka - South African
        136 Upper Richmond road
        SW15 2SP

        I like it here, i haven't had the steak, but my friend had the Kudo steak which I sampled and it was delicious.

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          I'm in the south-west (Baron's Court/Fulham) so places in the NW like Golders Green are a fair old trek for brunch on a Sunday morning...or maybe I'm just lazy!
          Thanks for the tips about Scandi Kitchen and Fika - the latter looks very interesting. To continue the Scandi theme, a friend has just sent me an email alerting me to the Nordic Bakery (W1F 9JG, near Picc Circus) and saying that the cinnamon buns are amazing...

          1. re: Londoner27

            The Nordic Bakery has been around just under a year, I think and is not bad at all


            I was less taken with their Korvapuusti than your friend seems to be. They were too dense for my liking.

            The karelian pies were very good, however. Particularly with a rich egg butter on top of them

            I had an excellent meal at Upper Glas on Upper St when it opened back at the tail end of 2006. Since I have been out of the country for most of the last 12 months, I can't say how good it is now, but it may well be worth a try for a Swedish fix



            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              Forget the rec for Upper Glas.

              It is about to close, apparently. Redevelopment of the whole site by the landlord


        2. More along the lines of Parisian steak frites is Relais de Venise in Marylebone, which I really enjoy.

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            I've also never come across a place that does salt bagels (my favourite). I'm always surprised that there's not at least one place in London that offers a variety of bagels like a NY bagel shop. I'm sure there would enough demand for it to do well.

          2. I know you say you're not going to go to Golders Green, but I'm going to tell you what this gal from the Rockaways/Long Island did anyway...I did a taste test in GG one afternoon...I bought bagels from three of the main places, plus the BLBB. Carmelli's was the winner for me out of the four. BLBB was a close 2nd. Golders Green is only one stop past Hampstead...

            Regardless...none of them had salt bagels. I'm really dying for a salt bagel. And while Carmelli's was pretty good, it just wasn't the same as the ones I'd get back on the Island.

            I did not get to Daniels in GG which is supposed to be good. Also, I think there's another one around Swiss Cottage...that may be more geographically apt for you? If I can remember the name, I'll repost.

            You're sort of inspiring my weekend plans...