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Mar 24, 2008 08:14 AM

Pre-Dodger/Red Sox Coliseum Food Suggestions?

100,000 people are descending upon the Coliseum Saturday for the big Dodgers/Red Sox game.

Arriving early seems to be a good plan. But where to eat after we park and we're hanging around waiting for the game?

We're thinking of parking at USC and walking over. Thus we're looking for a place that can be (safely) walked to. My parents (in their 60s) will be attending, so nothing too funky.

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  1. This seems like an excellent occasion to "tailgate" and, if that is something you would consider, then a couple of "bento boxes" from Mako in Beverly Hills would be an ideal way to class up your experience.

    1. Best I'd be able to suggest to you is the 29 st cafe, on 29th/hoover

      I doubt your parents would be down for some Chanos. But if they are, carne asada nachos no beans or mixup burger with egg. Hope they wrote you into their will ;)

        1. re: andytseng

          Walking distance from the Coliseum?

          1. re: Servorg

            Whoops. For some reason Coliseum didn't process in my head. I was thinking Dodgers Stadium. Still worth the trip though! Not walking distance.

            1. re: andytseng

              andy, i'll bet phillippe's is more than two miles hiking from any gate at Dodger Stadium... maybe that's walking for you, not for me, particularly coming back after.

              also, for all of you who wax rhapsodic about phillippe's -- better sandwiches at better value are on the other side of chinatown at eastside deli.

        2. The area around the Coliseum is expansive, and it is difficult for me to consider parking for the game and then walking away from the venue for food and then back to get in, especially with parents. There is a Golden Bird on Vermont south of the Coliseum, and there is a popular Togo's on Vermont west of a USC entrance but north of the Coliseum for pastrami or other subs.

          If you are coming from the west, I'd stop at Dino's, on the N/W corner of Pico at Berendo, a couple blocks west of Vermont. It looks like a burger stand, but is known for huge pastrami sandwiches, good carne asada plates, and fine burgers and dogs. But most everyone there orders the crazy chicken special -- a small half-bird, marinated and flame-grilled, served over fries with cole slaw and tortillas. About $5. The marinade is garlicky, turmeric orange and vinegary. Carry out will limp the fries but will let the chicken coast to better doneness, fantastic.

          If you are coming from Pasadena, stop at the Carnitas Michaocan on North Broadway at 19th, just east of the 110 or right at the intersection as the 5 underpasses Broadway. Excellent carne asada, even better rotisserie-spit al pastor, with their best in L.A. salsa roja.

          From the east, maybe Mike's Hockeyburger on Soto just north of Washington/Olympic or a branch of King Taco. Or from further and more south, Chroni's chilidogs.

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          1. re: nosh

            Nosh.. Friendly Fire here.. Love your posts but on this one I will disagree about Dinos. Mom and Dad may get a Heart attack when they see Dinos and the neighborhood. Unless they are real foodies and up for an adventure I would pass on this on even though I am a big fan of the Pollo Manico at Dinos. FYI thanks for the tip on the other dishes that they serve only had the chicken..

            1. re: Foodandwine

              F&W -- You really think they may be scared of the neighborhood around Dino's, yet they are going to the Coliseum!!! My gosh, that place scares me more even on the inside! Actually, I see your point, but there are hardly any shootings in Dino's 'hood during daylight hours, the drug trade tries to stay much more subtle, and there is a big junior high just one block north. Look, if they are willing to watch the Dodgers run the bases during the preseason, nothing at Dino's is going to worry them, except maybe the bathroom.

              In all seriousness, or at least as close as I can come, there are a lot of sketchy areas in L.A. And sometimes a safe, walkable, Leave It To Beaver type of neighborhood can turn into disputed gang turf in just a block or two. Use common sense, travel in groups, and try to check out unfamiliar areas during daytime -- use common sense. But my goodness, are you going to avoid a Langer's pastrami on rye or the carne asada taco at El Parian due to rumors and fears? If so, the terrorists have won. And even in the worst case scenario, the parents have lived good, long lives anyway.

              1. re: nosh

                Nosh.. Thanks for the laugh.. I for one am not the tame type.. I will go all over to find a good meal.. I just had this vision of Scoot's parents saying " Dear are we eating here?"...

            2. re: nosh

              basically, the summary is that the area within walking distance of USC is a culinary wasteland

              much better food during tailgate season =D

              if you must, viztango and la taquiza are acceptable..

            3. Close to SC across Figueroa by the Radisson is a Sizzler. Sometimes, the dining hall in the SC International Housing area at NE corner of Expo and Vermont has a large brunch on weekends. Check with school for hours this weekend. Not the highest quality but made to order omlettes and salad and sandwich bar make it a different way to explore the college life. There is also a Denny's just north of campus across Jefferson. Also there is a small food court in the University Village also north of campus.