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Mar 24, 2008 08:14 AM

Eateries in Pottstown

We are looking for a restaurant for lunch in the Pottstoww/Sanatoga area to take our parents and aunt. We are looking for good food, but not a fussy place.
Thanks for your suggestions,

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  1. Cutillo's on High St in Sanatoga is very good. Nice atmosphere and menu.

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    1. I like Funky Lil Kitchen better. Also cafe Mosaic in North Coventry near the mall.

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        Yeah, ShawnaR's right...Funky Lil Kitchen is a rare culinary gem in Pottstown. They have a website address very much like their name.

      2. The Casual Gourmet might work - it's Limerick but close to Sanatoga. Not sure what day of the week you're looking to go but they have a great breakfast... Sunday is breakfast only until 1pm.