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Where to eat in Greenport/North Fork?

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My fiancee and I are going out to Greenport next weekend. Any recommendations? From what I've seen on the boards so far, it looks like people like the Frisky Oyster, Jedediah Hawkins, the Fifth Season, and that I should at all costs avoid Claudio's.

What I'm looking for is excellent food, but not the same dining experience we'd have in the city - part of the charm of the North Fork is that's it's somewhat relaxed and casual, right?
And for lunch in particular - any seafood shack type places? Or other good lunch options?

So, any particular recommendations/suggestions? Also, any wineries? We (like most on this board I'd assume) are always looking for something off the beaten path. Are any of the vineyards worth spending an hour or two at - relaxing, etc?

Thanks for any and all pointers - it's our first trip out there, and we're really looking forward to it.

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  1. We always love The Frisky Oyster in Greenport. As far as the wineries go, some of them have turned into a vintner's Disneyland, and we always love the ones that do wine and not a lot of bells and whistles. Bedell, Pelligrini and Gristina are some of the ones that are more for tasting than for entertaining buses of tourists.

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      I love the Fifth Season, but I think they may be closed for the winter season. We had a very disappointing meal at Frisky Oyster-- I thought they tried to be more of a pseudo-NYC scene-y restaurant, the food was not bad, but not great, and they rushed us through our meal even though the place wasn't all that busy. The woman who ran the bed and breakfast we stayed at recommended Scrimshaw when we told her all the things we didn't like about the Frisky Oyster, but we didn't have the chance to try it.

      Pelligrini is our favorite winery. Their wines are very good, and they actually spend the time to talk about the wines with you rather than just trying to sell you flights and move you along.

      1. re: Shawn

        I'm sorry that you had a bad experience at the Frisky Oyster since that has certainly never been our experience. Having spent 12 spring/summers on the North Fork, we never ate out since the food was always second rate to what you could make yourself using the local produce, fish and meat from the great butcher we found. When the Frisky Oyster opened, it was a revelation of what a North Fork restaurant could be -- sophisticated, using fresh, local ingredients and not trying to be a maritime theme park.

    2. While it's not in Greenport proper, The North Fork Table & Inn in Southold is about 15 min. west of there and certainly worth the trip. Being post-Easter as it is weekend reservations may be hard to come by but you never know till you try!

      1. We didn't love Jedediah Hawkins, the portions were miniscule and not the greatest. Gorgeous building though, maybe go for lunch. Bayview Inn down the block is more to our liking. We're planning on North Fork Table for my birthday end of April, first time, and really looking forward to it. (Hoping it's as good as Coeur d'Vignes used to be.)

        Seafood shack, Orient by the Sea is always our hangout, but they don't open until beginning of May. Great atmosphere and food, relaxed and casual would definitely describe it and you can't beat the view. Maybe next time? Claudio's is touristy and crowded, I don't know if I would say avoid at ALL costs, we always end up meeting someone interesting, usually just get apps and drinks at the bar and never had a complaint. I guess I should mention my old favorite too, Skippers just east of Marion, great food, very friendly but zero ambience.

        You'd probably like Shinn Estate Vineyars or the Tasting Room in Peconic for hang-out wineries, a little more civilized than some.

        Hope the weather is good for you!

        1. Claudio's was bad 20 years ago. Amazing they haven't changed. It's really a shame considering they have what I think is one of the best locations in the village. It should be a star.
          Dining on the North Fork has been a hit or miss deal. You would think you can get a good seafood or fish meal given where you are.Hasn't always been the case.The best place on the North Fork was Ross' but they are long gone, I think O'Malley's from the Hampton's opened there but it more a bar/restaurant. I would say right now your best shot at a good meal is the Frisky Oyster. I've yet to be disappointed there

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            Avoid at all costs Scrimshaws...I had a weekend-ruining experience there last year. It was absolutely dreadful...food and service atrocious. Absolutely one of the worst dining experiences I've ever had...that bad!

            Instead, I would recommend Vine wine bar for great food and wine:


            For vineyards, another vote for pellegrini, bedell and shinn...if you have the time and inclination also check out Channing Daughters winery in the South Fork...very good.

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              Scotty100: Could you elaborate on your experience at Scrimshaw? Does anyone else have an opinion of this Greenport place? I have not heard good things, but a friend wants to have dinner there next week...any suggestions on what to order or is it an absolute must-avoid??

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                4 of us went to scrimshaws last year and the cooking and service were diabolical. Huge waits between courses...individual apps and entrees coming out randomly and the food was so sub-par it was unreal. Steaks over-cooked then under-cooked then over-cooked again and fish frozen in the middle obviously taken out the microwave too early etc...that kind of an experience...we left before they completed the order which meant 2 of our party only had one app to share between them. And we got no apology or anything comped...it was a horrendous experience and I advise no one to eat there.

                1. re: Scotty100

                  Thanks!! You are not the first person who has had a bad experience here.... I am hoping to dissuade my friend..

                  Has anyone here been to Antares recently?

          2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!! Very helpful. We have a reservation at the Frisky Oyster for Saturday and are looking forward to it. Maybe lunch at North Fork Table & Inn as well.

            On a related note, any suggestions on a quick-ish place to stop on the way from Port Jeff out to the North Fork on Friday evening? We'll probably be on 25A the whole way rather than the LIE, but we can certainly detour if it's worth it.

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            1. re: adam

              There's a lot of nice places in Wading River; personally I'd go to La Plage, right off 25A on the water, and if you want to get out fast they will accomodate you!

              1. re: coll

                Granted, I am very late spotting this post. However, it is spot on. La Plage is super and out shines anything in Greenport. This is not to say I do not or will not dine in Greenport, just that La Plage can give Greenport's best lessons. I have been disappointed with Claudio's a couple of times but will not rule it out for a sometime spot (enjoy the location in downtown and the fact that it has been there forever and occasionaly has yielded a very pleasant evening for us). Frisky Oyster screams price to me and I have not yet seen a posted menu to lure me in (cheapskate ? no, value seeker yes). Again, as I mentioned this is late in being posted to a good evaluation by coll.

                Frisky Oyster
                27 Front St, Greenport, NY 11944

                La Plage
                131 Creek Rd, Wading River, NY 11792

                  1. re: feelinpeckish

                    Glad you had a good meal, I'm lucky to live only 10 minutes away, so it's a regular stop. The food is perfection but the ambiance and staff just take it over the top. That's where I'll be dining on my anniversary in a few weeks, even if it was a drive I'd be going there.

                    1. re: coll

                      I haven't eaten there--just read this report--but now I am looking forward to it!

              2. A quick report back on our weekend (overall, it was great):


                Friday night we stopped at Jerry and the Mermaid on the way out. Very tasty, and a good time. We split a fried seafood platter (fish, shrimp, clams, scallops), fried artichoke hearts and buffalo wings (really, more honey-bbq wings). The food was good, and fresh, and the service was fun, and it was exactly what we were looking for - something quick, tasty, and relaxed.

                Saturday we had an early light lunch at North Fork Table & Inn before starting with the wineries. We were the only people in there, which was odd at first but very nice. Wow. The place is fantastic. Nice, airy, tasteful room. Service was very courteous, and our waiter was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We split a few appetizers - a spinach salad (delicious), a fluke crudo with blood oranges (I liked more than the fiancee, but we both enjoyed), and potato and cod cakes (perfectly done). The waiter steered us toward a couple nice glasses of wine - actually two of the cheaper glasses on the menu. We were already regretting that we wouldn’t be having dinner there, I think.

                One thing that seemed odd both there and at the Frisky Oyster, where we’d be eating later, was that there were so few Long Island wines at either place. I’m not sure if it’s more commentary on the general quality of wines out there, but I’m pretty sure there could have been more - and that people would really go for it. I could be wrong though.

                For dinner Saturday, we hit the Frisky Oyster. Ehh. In terms of the food, it was ok but not great - for apps we had a dandelion salad that was way too aggressively dressed and seasoned, and the Oysters Friskafella which were tasty if unspectacular. For entrees, we split the duck, which was very tasty (although presentation left a lot to be desired), and salmon, which was overcooked, unimaginative, and all around bleh. I generally don’t order salmon out, because it’s pretty unexciting, but the waitress did such a good job of selling me the dish, I figured go for it. The description sounded very good. But it really wasn’t. In terms of the service, very strange and disappointing. They didn’t have our reservation on the books despite having called twice to confirm it. They lost my coat and I had to go back and find it. The sommelier was absolutely no help in picking a wine. They seemed generally disinterested. Without going into too much detail, I’m not sure what they were going for, but this place really missed the mark. At their prices, they should be able to deliver much more. If I’m paying what I’d pay in Manhattan, while I don’t want a Manhattan dining experience - there’s a reason I’m out there, after all - I do expect excellent food and excellent service, and I was really let down in both departments.


                We hit Shinn, Pellegrini, Bedell, and the Old Field. Shinn was lovely, and the tour from Barbara was very much worth doing. I only wish I had enjoyed their wines more. They had a nice estate Pinot, and a very nice Chardonnay, but otherwise I was not thrilled. I really appreciate and want to support their biodynamic approach, but most of the wines (sparkling, “coalesence,” “wild boar doe” in particular) seemed a bit underdeveloped and rough around the edges. But I think they’re moving in the right direction and would certainly give them another shot.

                Pellegrini was disappointing - big, filled with tourist buses, impersonal, and the wines were nothing special - ranging from very bad (rose, a couple of the reds) to drinkable but boring.

                Bedell was great. We ended up getting a bottle of the Gallery, which was more than we were planning to spend on any bottles, but it was delicious. Also a bottle of the Corey Creek Gewurztraminer. Really all of there wines were excellent, and the setting was nice and hip, the folks were helpful, and they really know what they’re doing it seems.

                And then the Old Field. The tasting room is a tiny shack, and was packed with people having a good time. Such fun. I mean, not a big operation, but pretty good wines (two nice Chardonnays, although one was a little oaky for my taste, and a nice merlot). Based on several recommendations, we also picked up a bottle of their blanc de noirs, which we couldn’t taste but everyone seemed to speak highly of (including our waiter at lunch). Anyways - I’d really recommend stopping there if you’re in the area - you’ll have fun, I promise.

                Thanks to everyone for all your recommendations and thoughts!!

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                  You summed up my feelings about the Frisky Oyster exactly.

                  I'm disappointed that you had a bad experience at Pellegrini. Both times we were there, we were the only tasters in there (we went really early in the day both times) and they spent an hour with us each time letting us taste pretty much every wine they made (including some really pricey library wines). And they totally ignored us and herded us along at Shinn. I guess the whole experience depends on when you happen to go to the place, how many people are there and who is working in the tasting rooms that day.

                2. Try waters crest in cutchogue on rte 48 and cox lane. Nic edry rose and the best cab franc on LI. Also Roanoake in riverhead, it produces excellent red blends. These are a little off the normal tour. For a snack in greenport try vine wine bae. Great high end wine by the glass and 1/2 glass. Also great smallm plates. a little pricy.

                  1. I enjoyed the food at the Frisky Oyster however the experience overall was horrible. I'm not sure what the problem was but we had a reservation and still had to wait an hour and a half for a table. We were not alone, every single reservation had to wait. I just don't understand that. The hostess was clearly overwhelmed so perhaps this was a one time experience. I wouldn't let it stop you from trying to just be forewarned. I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem or not.

                    Another place I've heard good things about is Scrimshaw. It's right on the water and the menu looks good. But I haven't tried it myself.

                    1. The winery you must try is Shinn Vineyards. The wine is the best in long island as far as I'm concerned. They often sellout within days of the release. The vineyard itself is also a great experience. It's run by a husband and wife team (also owners of Home restauraunt in manhattan). They have always been onsite the several times I have visited. There are tours on the weekends given by owner Barbara Page herself. They are also very foward thinking in terms of organically grown wine. All part of the tour but basically they were the first vineyard in LI to try organic methods.

                      They also have a bed and breakfast onsite.

                      Shinn is a can't miss on LI. By far the best in my opinion.

                      1. We had a fantastic meal at the North Fork Table & Inn and would go back there in a heartbeat. Food was wonderful from top to bottom as was the service.

                        Our dinner at Jedediah Hawkins was a big dissappointment. Our waitress was a "diner" quality, the plating for my dish totally turned me off and it made the food look so unappetizing I didn't want to eat it...the descriptions of the food didn't match what was put in front of us. The B & B and setting is beautiful but the quality of the service and the little things were of poor quality and service. For example, the amuse bouche was a little dollop of local goat cheese with an herb and lavender. Rather than have it sitting in the oriental type big soup spoons, it was in a diner quality teaspoon. UGH. My husband ordered a scallop bisque, they served the soup, it was ice cold and never gave him a spoon. We had to flag a waitperson down for one. The waitress only appeared to pour more wine into our glasses and would quickly leave, never asking us how we liked anything or if we needed anything. I'd never go back.

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                        1. re: synergy

                          Just got back from a weekend on the North Fork and had a great time. I agree that Shinn was very nice wine... I didnt know that they owned the restaurant Home on Cornelia St (Manhattan) until recently. Their B&B looks good for a future visit as well. A little known (and even better, in our opinion) vineyard was right around the corner... Sherwood House. No tasting room, but picnic tables in between rows of vines in front of a shack. Best Cab. Franc I've tasted. We like it unblended and this was a winner. Got a great tour of Bedell as well and we liked quite a bit of the offerings. One thing to note... their "First Crush" white (I didnt like the red) is an excellent wine for the price. I like what they're doing with their steel tank process and I'll bet on better product year after year. Their more expensive reds are good.

                          North Fork Table and Inn is owned by someone we know from Hearth in Manhattan. Mike Mrak used to run the wine program there and now is running a winner. We havent been there in the 2+ years he's been open and I was expecting an above average place but nothing like this. I'd rate it against most quality Manhattan places without reservation. Worth every cent, with an (expectedly) great wine list. The pinot noir we had (Elke Blue Diamond...Alexander Valley, California '06) was dynamite. The gravlox app w/horseradish cream was incredible and my rabbit wrapped in pancetta and my wife's duck were both entrees I'd recommend. This is a destination place.

                          What can I say... we're tourists from Bklyn. We went to Claudio's and had lobster and steamers. Upscale (barely) City Island place, but good quality fresh seafood. Think Lundy's when it was decent. But.. been there...done that... no need to go back.

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                            Nobodies mentioned it yet, but the Seafood Barge has been a long time favorite of my family....in Southold, at port of Egypt on Main Rd. Pricey but excellent food....liquor and wine are surprisingly less pricey...and the wines are nearly all from the North Fork. Was out there this weekend...Braun's had a father's day special, lobsters 6 lbs and up for $7.50/lb...so my son and I bought a 6.5 lb'er that was one of the tastiest lobsters I ever had...drank the 2007 Shinn chardonnay with it. It is a good chard, but not great....Overall, LI wines are difficult to love...they are expensive, and very dependent on the year's weather ...(2005 was the last good vintage) and I have yet to have a red that I really enjoyed. Its mostly Merlot, which I despise under the best of circumstances , but the other reds have all disappointed me, except for an occasional cab franc.

                            1. re: EricMM

                              Seafood Barge was terrible the last time I was there, last season..

                              1. re: Nancy191

                                I don't think I ever had a notable meal at the Seafood Barge. I would never recommend it!

                                1. re: roxlet

                                  I hate the Seafood barge. For both the food and the attitude of the staff.

                                  1. re: Nancy191

                                    The attitude starts at the top, believe me!

                                    1. re: coll

                                      While I have to admit that the Barge hasn't been as good this year as in the past...and it is very expensive...I have never received anything but the best treatment there. The place has had its ups and downs...the chef's seem to change yearly...so some years (like this) are not quite as good as others...but I have never had a bad meal there...and I have had some great ones.

                                      1. re: EricMM

                                        I can not and will not put up with a staff that has a bad attitude .. No way!!
                                        I have never received anything but BAD treatment there.
                                        And would never go back.

                                2. re: Nancy191

                                  I think that they are overpriced for their food.

                                  It is always funny to see how they are "out" of the more reasonably priced bottles of wine.


                          2. For an indecisive diner, the Sunday buffet at the Cooperage Inn might be a nice place to finish a weekend. I'm sure that the fare falls into the hearty category (as opposed to sophisticated) but it's got a nice atmosphere (usually crowded in the warmer months).

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                            1. re: laurieatoptions

                              The Fifth Season moved form Greenport to Port Jefferson this past year, as an FYI.

                            2. Your very best bets on the North Fork:
                              Love Lane Kitchen, Matttituck
                              Greenport Tea Company, Greenport
                              Erik's, Southold
                              North Fork Table
                              Frisky Oyster
                              Antares Cafe
                              Jamesport Manor Inn
                              Morning Glory B&B
                              Stirling House B&B
                              Harborfront Inn
                              Greenport for shopping and strolling
                              Love Lane in Mattituck for shopping
                              Village Lane in Orient for historic stroll
                              Vine Time or Holiday Spirits Food and Wine event
                              Winterfest (Jazz on the Vine)
                              The Old Field
                              Water's Crest
                              Diliberto Winery
                              Shinn Winery
                              Borghese Winery
                              Jamesport Winery
                              Tasting Room

                              There are other very servicable and nice places, but the ones listed are always spot-on! Enjoy the North Fork

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                              1. re: Aroundtheworldin80entrees

                                Just wondering if there are any new places on the North Fork, or any changes at the older, tried-and-true places..


                                1. re: erica

                                  Two places that are opening under same name, different owners, Jedediah Hawkins (supposedly much less expensive and causal) and Farmers Bar. Might go to JD for lunch Monday if they're open, I'll report back. Farmers Bar not open yet as far as I know, but I will be checking them out shortly after.

                                  1. re: coll

                                    I had dinner there a little over a month ago and wasn't terribly impressed. If prices had come down, it was still no bargain, but my issues had to do with the food not the prices. Please report back if you go--I am hoping that I caught it on an off night.


                                    1. re: emarcus

                                      You know, I've been believing their local radio commercials, they're trying to make it sound like they turned into a burger joint or something! They're not open for lunch yet during the week so I might be trying Jamesport Country Kitchen instead.

                                      Anyway when I looked at Jedediahs' website, I immediately said to myself "Where is all the simple fare that they promise in their commercial?" Looks like the same old menu and same old prices too. That is so deceptive.

                              2. Frisky Oyster has one of the best, interesting menus. The food is ALWAYS great. There is a great little place on the North Road in Southold called Erik's. Great for breakfast or lunch. Bruce's Cheese Emporium is also a great breakfast or lunch spot. This past fall I ate at Amano in Mattituck http://www.amanorestaurant.com/ This place was awesome!

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                                1. re: CityFoodNY

                                  I thought A Mano was good but it is a little far from my usual geographic range which is further east.

                                  I do not care for Frisky Oyster all that much; it is a place that I really wanted to love but never warmed up to. I do not think their food is consistent and it is often too noisy.

                                  I think Antares has much better food and I hope they are still open!

                                  Where is Farmer's Bar?

                                  Also: Last year a new bakery was set to open in Southold, near Wayside Market. Does anyone know the status of this bakery?

                                  Many thanks!!

                                  1. re: erica

                                    Ah, Wayside! We used to get truly fabulous steaks there. It's really the only butcher on the North Fork.

                                    1. re: roxlet

                                      Yes, I think they really ARe the only butcher east of Riverhead! Very good place. They also have fresh mozzarella.

                                      1. re: erica

                                        We used to get our mozzarella at Welles's Homestead in Aquebogue (formerly Skelly's). It was so-so, but when you have all those great tomatoes, ya gotta have something! Next time we'll give Wayside's a whirl. For some reason, they also have incredible hot dogs. They're Boar's Head skin-on dogs, but they always tasted different -- and better -- than what we could get elsewhere.

                                        1. re: roxlet

                                          Hot dogs taste better in propotion to where you're eating them, I find!

                                          1. re: coll

                                            I think you're absolutely correct -- but these are particularly good anyway! We have, on occasion, brought some home, and they tasted just as good in Bronxville.

                                      2. re: roxlet

                                        They have the best roast beef sanwich in the world!

                                        1. re: Lauracooks

                                          We hope to be out there this August, and if we are, I'll give their roast beef sandwich a whirl. For some reason I've never had it...

                                      3. re: erica

                                        If the bakery was Blue Duck, I believe they just opened.

                                        1. re: coll

                                          Yes! That is the name I remember seeing. I will be interested in hearing comments and will try it myself soon. Thanks, Coll!

                                          1. re: erica

                                            Their store in Southampton is very well regarded.

                                    2. I've read this whole thread and I agree with almost all the comments-- i haven't been to NoFo Table yet so I'll have to try. I'm amazed with the popularity of the north fork there arent' more eating establishments. I have to second the reservation for Orient by the Sea - thats our lunch spot. I'm headed out east for a "girls weekend"- if anyone has any other recommendations please let me know..we were planning to go to Frisky Oyster so we can follow it w/ dancing at Claudios but some serious mixed reviews. If anyone has eaten there recently please advise. Thanks!

                                      1. We have been spending weekends on the North Fork for the past 10 years and have several favorite dining spots to recommend. We were just out there this past weekend during the Maritime Festival and stopped by a few of our favorite places.

                                        For dinner, two of our favorite restaurants are:

                                        North Fork Table & Inn in Southold
                                        We always enjoy everything on the menu here but some of my personal favorites are the Peconic Bay Fluke Crudo or Thai Inspired Lobster and Carrot Soup for a starter and for dinner, I love the Sautéed Local Stripe Bass or The Crescent Farm Long Island Duck. As for dessert, which a MUST, the Warm Sugar and Spice Donuts are off-the-chart delicious.

                                        Cuvee Bistro in Greenport
                                        We eat here very often and have several favorite dishes. It’s one of our staple spots, especially on a Friday eve when we just get in to town and want to relax and unwind with great food and a glass of wine. My appetizer fav’s are: Gluten-Free Corn Dusted Calamari, Tuna Tartar or the Ceaser Salad. For dinner we often order the Moroccan Steak (Grass fed), Lobster Cobb Salad, or Classic Sirloin Burger and fries (yum). Last but not least, for dessert try the delicious dairy-free chocolate mousse or the sorbet champagne float if you are keeping it light. Otherwise my other favorite is the rum-infused bread pudding with custard.

                                        Both of the above restaurants change their menu and specials seasonally which is also a reason the food is always delicious. Long Island has such great local fish and veggies, it would be a total miss not to try the foods that come from less than an hour away.
                                        For lunch, we highly recommend:

                                        Noah’s in Greenport
                                        Try the Roasted Beet Salad, Moroccan Chic Pea Hummus, Crab Cakes or Fish and Chips.

                                        Erik’s in Southold is also a terrific lunch spot.
                                        We recommend the Chicken Salad BLT with Avocado or the Veggie Burger (Sweet Potatoes & Spinach w/Swiss Cheese).

                                        As far as vineyards go, we love the reds out on Long Island. Macari has a terrific Cab Franc and Laurel Lake has one of the best Cab-Sauv’s.

                                        On your way home, definitely stop at one of the local farm stands. Our favorites are KK’s, which is a biodynamic farm and Sang Lee which is all organic.

                                        Another restaurant we’d like to try that just opened is Blue Canoe. Has anyone been here yet?

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                                        1. re: Jenginger

                                          Motosport has and has recommended it highly! it is on my list.

                                          1. re: coll

                                            Get to Blue Canoe while the weather is still nice enough to dine "al fresco"!! I highly reccomend.

                                            1. re: Motosport

                                              Is Blue Canoe what used to be Chowder Pot?

                                          2. re: Jenginger

                                            I hate to say, a handful of friends who are locals ate at Blue Canoe about a month ago. Each said what they ordered to eat and drink was vile. None of them will go back.

                                            1. re: synergy

                                              Big surprise, ate there for lunch and then dinner a week later. No complaints. Go figure?

                                            2. re: Jenginger

                                              Funny....I've been drinking NF wines since Hargrave's first vintage...'78, I think? As much as I love red wine, I can't stand most NF reds. (Disclaimer: I truly despise merlot, always have, and NF merlots most of all.) I have had a few rare good ones....a syrah from Jamesport, a cab franc from Bin 48, I even tasted a good and totally unaffordable Pinot Noir from McCall. But overall, I find NF reds to be thin and tannic, giving me cottonmouth. I used to love Macari, but my last few visits did not impress me at all. My favorites are Martha Clara, Lieb, and Shinn.

                                              1. re: EricMM

                                                I too like Martha Clara, and also Pindar. But to go to the wineries themselves can be a little overwhelming, they are very busy.

                                                1. re: coll

                                                  I'm not into winery hopping that much. I will not go at all on weekends..the crowds are too maddening. When I do go during the week I can't hack more than 2 wineries...even with spitting (and I hate when I get splashed!) I lose my taste after a few samples.