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Barbecue Restaurant for a Party

Of the great barbecue joints in Manhattan, which would you recommend for a party for about 40 people. I am holding it for my parents 30th wedding anniversary, but would like to keep everything fun and casual.


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  1. Daisy Mays is a hands down choice. Fun and casual and very good 'cue.

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      While I love Daisy May's, it is normally a cafeteria-style operation, i.e., no table service and no reservations. I'm not even sure the space can comfortably accommodate 40 people. Also, there isn't much in the way of ambiance -- if you care about such things. In any case, it can't hurt to call and see if they do on premises private parties.


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        They have great plans for BBQ parties and I'm sure they can accomodate 40 people in the back room. I was just suprised with a party ythere and they busted out the checkered table cloth. It was fun and casual-and I gained 5 pounds

    2. Hill Country -- you might be able to reserve the downstairs. Fun place, good bbq

        1. I think Hill Country and Blue Smoke will fit with your criteria. But judging that it is for 40 people and for a special occasion, Blue Smoke may slightly edge out as they have a better decor and they provide more food options like the burgers and devil eggs etc, and delicious desserts. I think more selections is good for fitting everyone's palate when it comes to large group.

          They also have live jazz sometime so that's an additional bonus.

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            1. Has anyone been to a party at Blue Smoke? I am worried about the balcony feeling not distinct enough of a space.
              Thanks again for everyone's input!

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                I haven't been to a private party and I haven't eaten on the balcony, but from being in the restaurant, the balcony isn't very separated from the rest of the space. So, I'd say that the balcony would have the same atmosphere as the rest of the restaurant.

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                  We have eaten on the balcony. It definitely has the feel of being a distinctly separate space. It is up a full flight of stairs and is open on the side that overlooks the downstairs dining room. We were seated at the narrower end where we had a view of the bar area. Further back, the space is wider. Acc. to the info on Blue Smoke's website, the balcony accommodates 34 people seated, 45 standing. Also, it is not available for private parties on Friday or Saturday evenings.


                2. Hill Country probably has the most room for a party that size. But you can also try Dinosaur BBQ if youre willing to trek up to Harlem. Great atomosphere and heaping amounts of smoked ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, & bbq chicken.