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Mar 24, 2008 07:41 AM

Foods high in folic acid?

I have the standard list of foods high in folic acid (asparagus, spinach, oranges, avacados....) and was wondering what else is out there. Also would be nice if there were some different ways to prepare them. I can only eat so much guacamole and roasted asparagus!

Trying to get my body prepared for a baby (eek!!!) and everyone keeps saying to eat foods with folic acid...... Figured I'd give it a shot!

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  1. While not necessarily a food, wheat germ is a great source of folic acid. It is a great addition on fruit salad and other cereals hot or cold, it lends a nice toasty flavor.

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      I love Wheat germ sprinkled on Yoghurt

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        Also good on ice cream--particularly the toasted kind. I also took a prenatal multivitamin.
        (BigLizard's wife)

      2. All grain products are fortified with folic acid these days, so there's really no reason to gorge yourself on kale unless you want to. However, no matter how much of all that you eat, you'll never get close to 400 mcg/day, so you might as well start taking supplements (or just start prenatals) now.

        1. This was a good idea I had never considered before for things like spinach. It may not give you all you need, but it will up your consumption painlessly.

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            Nice, thank you. I love spinach and it cooks up quickly, which is a huge plus for me.

          2. VEGEMITE! I say this with tongue in cheek, as I'm aware Americans are generally not fans, but it's good, and contains about 50% of your recommended daily intake in one serving.

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                A blsck yeast paste also more popularly know by the British brand Marmite. It might be in your supermarket. It is here. Folic acid supplements are what the boss took.

            1. Deborah, browse this list and see what's high in folate [folic acid]. Most dry pasta is high in folic acid. Take a look at individual pasta boxes or bags for nutritional information because content may vary from one brand to the next. Folate is listed on the nutitional information label near the riboflavin content, niacin, etc.

              Look -->

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