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Mar 24, 2008 07:37 AM

Place to meet for drinks in Arlington?

Hi - I want to meet a friend for a drink in Arlington tonight. I was hoping to go to Flora, but they are closed on Mondays. I'm a bit out of the loop in terms of Arlington Center - is Tryst still there and do they have a bar? Any other ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Tryst does have a bar and for Arlington has pretty decent drinks. (Varies somewhat with the bartender and only pretty basic cocktails, but you can get a Negroni, have even got them to make a French75. So you aren't stuck to flavored vodka martinis, but don't have sky-high expectations.) The bar is also a nicer place to eat than the dining room. I am pretty certain that Arlington requires you to have food with drinks and the sandwiches are pretty good, as are some of the appetizers.

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      I have had a lovely time having drinks at Tryst. I don't think you have to order food... I know we sat for a while, drinking, before we decided to order a couple of apps to share.

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        You do have to order food.. sometimes the bartender might be a bit lax about enforcing it, or give you a lot of time to figure out what you want, but don't plan on sitting at a bar in Arlington and downing 2-3 martinis without having to order at least an appetizer..

      2. The best place to meet for a drink in Arlington is in Somerville ;-)

        Arlington is a largely dry town.

        1. If it has to be Arlington, it has to be Tryst. But I agree with Striper, head across Rt. 16 to Somerville and you'll have more options. My pick would be Highland Kitchen for excellent cocktailery. I don't know if they are open on Mondays, so call first.

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            HK is closed on Monday. You do need to order something to eat to have a drink in Arlington.

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              Yes, I also agree - Tryst has a few munchy bar food options in the front you can enjoy w/ their fancy cocktails. Cambridge offers a lot more though - I'd recc Chez Henri or West Side Lounge. Quality and creativity goes downhill as you go up MassAve, unfortunately! Also - don't forget Sabur in Teele Sq - not too far from Arl, and good drinks and interesting wine selection.

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                There are 6-7 restaurants with liquor licenses in Arlington, but due to local laws, nothing that could be called a pure "bar" - Tryst and Not Your Average Joes are the closest to having a comfortable bar to sit in, but you do need to order food as part of that (and Tryst does have some nice apps).

                Other places - Flora and Restaurante Olivio in the East, Punjab in the Center, and I think Jimmy's Steer House have liquor licenses, but overall, I'd hit Tryst.

                If you want to stay close to Arlington, but want more of a bar, I'd hit Joe Sent Me on Mass Ave. (more casual/local, but good burders), or PJ Ryans just up from Davis Square (Irish pub). If you want more of a lounge-bar, you'd need to head to Orleans, in Davis Square, or head further down Mass Ave to hit Christophers, Toad (live music), Temple Bar, Chez Henri, or West Side Lounge.

            2. Both Lexx and Via Lago on Mass. Ave. in Lexington have small bars.

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                Ristorante Olivio has a great new bar and Angelo the owner is a great guy. Give it a shot.