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Mar 24, 2008 06:36 AM

Dining Alone in the French Quarter

I'm going to be staying in the French Quarter, alone and will be dining as such for 7 Days! Does anyone have any suggestions on places that easily accomodate parties of 'one'? Or does anyone have a suggestion that would somehow 'pair' me up with another diner who was also planning on eating alone?

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  1. Eat at the bar at Mr. B's/Palace Cafe/Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse and you'll be chatting to people in no time!

    1. At the bar at Coop's. It's the type of place where a single diner would be perfectly comfortable sitting at a table, but sitting at the bar is far more interesting. You also should consider venturing from the French Quarter. If you're gonna be in the city for a week, you need to see the city!

      1. Besides Mr. B's, I also recommend the bar at G W Fins. They are very welcoming and the food and wine are good, as well. Don't do a lot of solo dining in NOLA, but do notice what is going on around me.

        Had a poor solo dining experience at the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. Their pacing was akin to needing to clear the table, even though they were less than 1/2 full. Bad idea. Why rush a solo diner, just so you can have more empty tables?


        Gw Fins
        808 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112

        Ritz-Carlton-New Orleans
        921 Canal St, New Orleans, LA

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          The dining room at the Ritz-Carlton, although an interesting concept (kind of like a greatest hits of New Orleans famous restaurants, fails to execute. I've had no problem with the service, but the food is just fair.

          1. re: Blumie

            Yes, it was that "greatest hits" concept that interested me. That, and the fact that my wife would not arrive until 10:30PM from LAX. Well, the "greatest hits" missed, as did three of my four courses stacking up, before I had finished course #2. Also, wife's flight was delayed and she arrived at 12:30AM the next morning. Luckily, the room service at Ritz C is open 24/7, and it was one of the better room service meals that I've had recently.

            Their bar (open and adjacent to the restaurant) seems to be a "happening place." That's not MY scene, but seems to be doing it for many others. I'd not likely go back for the food. The service was good, but the pacing from the kitchen was just plain bad.


        2. I often go to New Orleans to unwind by myself for a long weekend. In addition to the places already mentioned, I've had great times dining by myself at the bars of Acme Oyster Company and Redfish Grill. It's easy to grab a snack at a solo table at Cafe du Monde. And while it's a cab ride away, Brigtsen's is incredibly accomodating and welcoming to solo diners.

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            I'll second Brigtsen's. I once drove in from Lake Charles for the sole purpose of going to Jacques-Imo's (having never been at the time; I would not make that drive for Jacques-Imo's again!), only to discover that I had forgotten about Jacques-Imo's' (double apostrophe?) August vacation. So there I was on Oak Street, considering a Plan B, when I decided to drive around the corner to Brigtsen's. I remember thinking to myself that Brigtsen's really isn't the kind of place where a solo diner naturally would feel comfortable, but I was so close it would be a shame not to go. So I drove over and was greeted by a warm welcome and had a great meal (the seafood platter, IIRC). While eating I overheard another couple talking about chowhound -- they were from St. Louis and had learned of Brigtsen's through chowhound -- and I turned them on to the writings of Calvin Trillin!

          2. Husband and I had an impromptu dinner at the bar at K-Paul's. It was VooDoo fest 2005 and PP was outside posing for pics and signing autographs. After dinner, we walked to Jackson Sq. and ReBirth was playing. Gotta love this town. BTW, didn't have VooDoo tickets and none were available unless you were a rescue worker. The folks at the ticket office asked if we had any sort of "rescue ID". I replied "no, but I've got a house that had 7' of water". He asked my zip code then handed me 2 free tickets. What a day!.