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Mar 24, 2008 06:02 AM

Oley Valley Inn Closed?

Anyone know what happened with the Oley Inn? There is a sign on the door that says "Closed until further notice". While it wasn't a favorite of ours for dinner, it was probably the best brunch in the Reading area.

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  1. I had heard that they never recovered financially after the fire and now it is up for sale.

    1. Yes it is closed.....notice was in the Reading paper today.

      1. As one of the new owners, the Oley Valley Inn is going through a transformation. My wife and I have been in the process of completing a historical green restoration to the interior from the 3rd floor to ground floor. Once completed we will be functioning as an Organic B&B, Ukrainian Gift Shop and Ukrainian Egg (aka Pysanky) Museum.

        Each guest room will have its' own theme noting specific art deco for various Ukrainian regions.

        Please feel free to browse our website at for any future updates or Grand Opening announcements.