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Mar 24, 2008 04:45 AM

Duck sandwich?

We have leftovers from a very simple roasted duck dinner. I have a vague idea about making some sort of cold, or warm, duck sandwich on a baguette. Any particular suggestions?

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  1. Susan Spicer of Bayona in New Orleans serves a sandwich that includes sliced duck meat, jalapeno jelly, cashew butter and grilled red onions. I believe she uses smoked duck and whole grain bread, but you could do a variation on the theme.

    1. This is sort of like a peking duck sandwich. I've shredded the duck meat with some skin (can't beat duck fat) mix in some hoisin sauce, added sliced cucumbers and scallions in a baguette.

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        Yep. That's my standard leftovers sandwich as well - a few bean sprouts don't hurt it either