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Floor Seating Japanese Restaurant

I'm looking for a good sushi place that you sit on the floor like how it is in Japan. Anyone know a good sushi place like that?

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  1. Don't know about tatami rooms at a sushi-ya (wouldn't you want to sit at the bar?), but there are lots of tatami rooms at various izaka-yas and yakitori-yas around town. Many of them also serve cut rolls and sashimi if that's what you're looking for. Just off top of my head... Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori in Torrance, FuRaiBo in West LA, and Honda-ya in Downtown all have tatami rooms. Musha in Santa Monica even has one where it's actually a pit so you're not truly sitting on the floor.

    The Mitsuwa market in Torrance has a small section where it's a traditional seating area... you can get dishes from any of the food stalls there and sit there, though it's probably only best for a party of two.

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    1. Tsukiji in Gardena has 1 table as you have mentioned and two or three more where your feet and legs go below floor level ( not sure of types and names of Tatami ) Had a great meal there a few weeks back

      1745 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

      1. Kiriko has one table on a small platform at the back of the restaurant. It is part of the main room, not a tatami room.

        1. Yagura Ichiban in Little Tokyo, if I recall right (it has been a LONG time) has tatami seating. There is a tatami room at Shinsengumi in Gardena, but typically one orders chanko-nabe there, not the yakitori (though you certainly can).

          1. There are tatami rooms at Thousand Cranes in the Kyoto Grand Hotel (nee New Otani) in Little Tokyo / downtown Los Angeles.

            1. Here are some Japanese restaurants that have mostly non-sushi menus but DO have tatami seating:
              Musha (Santa Monica)
              FuRaiBo (Sawtelle)
              Honda-Ya (Little Tokyo)

              As for sushi, I believe that Kiriko (Sawtelle) has 1 similar table, and Thousand Cranes (Little Tokyo).

              Unless you want the novelty factor, I'd recommend sitting at the bar whenever you go to sushi, for better food.

              1. Kinokawa has a small tatami room.

                Kinokawa Japanese
                1611 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807

                1. IRORI in MArina Del Rey!! All the seats in the restaurant are like that, and you take your shoes off at the entrance. We go there all the time!!

                    1. Irori has that. It's pretty yummy sushi too.

                      1. Thanks for the help everyone...one more question. Any of those have a nice romantic environment for a date? Im looking to take my girlfriend out to a romantic floor sitting sushi dinner. Thanks

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                          Cross Kiriko off the list. The table is only for large groups.

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                            I wouldn't describe Irori as romantic, either...we see a lot of families with kids there, and it is in a big shopping center. It's fun, but not romantic. And the food is very good.

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                              Oh man thats the one I was planning on taking her. :/

                              Anywhere where?

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                                Irori is the only place I know where tatami tables aren't just for big groups. Hmm, maybe if you go later in the evening there will be fewer families and a more romantic vibe? I tend to go on the earlier side.