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Need a romantic restaurant URGENTLY

Just got back together with my girlfriend. wanted a romantic place for dinner. We want to split an appetizer and do 2 main courses. some wine and drinks also of course. We could also use a suggestion for a nice place for dessert (she is a chocolate freak). I went to the place before (on west 4th) and i loved it. I need something in the $80-120 total range for dinner not including desserts. We don't have to do wine by the bottle. we are both light drinkers

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  1. With your eating restrictions, I think it is possible to get by with $120 at Vice Versa without the dessert and including 1 glass of wine and tip.
    Check out the prix fixe dinner. Even that seems doable at $35 a person.

    1. Apizz would also fit your requirements perfectly.

      1. Try Perbacco or Osteria del Sol

        1. annisa was really nice when i went with my girlfriend, though it may be slightly out of your price range...

          1. I agree with the suggestion of Apizz. You could also do The Orchard (same owners) if that doesn't work out. I also like Giorgio's of Gramercy, and, if you can get in, Market Table and Little Owl. Good luck to you both!

            1. I second (third? fourth?) Apizz and Orchard. Apizz's romance comes from it's rustic decor. Orchard is a little more upscale. Both have great food, so it's just a matter of preference.

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                I'll fourth Apizz, particularly if you like The Place - cute, cozy, and great for a date. I like the Orchard or Peasant too, but not as cozy. Annisa will likely blow your budget. The Little Owl is also a great idea, but it may be tough to get in to unless you guys like eating early...

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                    Here's a picture of the main dining room: http://www.apizz.com/
                    It's not as dark as in the picture, but it is cozy and romantic.

              2. I vote for Jarnac in the West Village. Well within your budget, terrific food, small room, friendly staff.

                1. Aroma on E. 4th Street is very small, but romantic with a good wine selection and solid food. Also, The House on 17th St. (off Irving Place) has a perfect atmosphere (converted old carriage house) and great food as well. Both would be perfect for your food, wine, and dessert specifications.