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Mar 24, 2008 12:41 AM

Evergreen Dairy Bar - Rt 70

When I was a kid in the 70's, we always used to stop at a small roadside joint on
Rt. 70 called "Evergreen". My parents considered it the halfway point of the trip on our way from PA to the Jersey shore. (Ocean Gate, Toms River & Seaside Heights areas) As I recall, Evergreen was mostly burgers, pork roll sandwiches, birch beer and shakes.

I heard they had re-opened not long ago. Is there anyone here who knew it then, who's also been to the new one? Care to offer any comparisons or reviews of the new place?


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  1. I drove by there 2 weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and they were not open. The place looked closed down. Maybe they will re-open in another month or so???

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      That doesn't sound good... I heard they opened back up around two years ago, actually. If the place looked closed-down when you drove by, that's a bad sign. Would have loved to visit there this summer. Thanks for the update.

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        Don't despair...these places typically are closed in winter and re-open in April/May. I don't live too far from Southampton and I'll keep an eye out for you. Can't put too high a price on that childhood nostalgia!

    2. I drive by there on my way to the shore a few times each summer. I don't recall it not being open in the past 20 years. It's usually my second stop on the way home (after Red Top) for a vanilla soft serve with chocolate jimmies (sprinkles?).

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        The last time I went by, it was closed and looked dirty and deserted. I don't recall if it was summer though, so perhaps it is a seasonal place. My family would have only gone by there in summer, so I guess that's a possibility. But I know that about 3 1/2 to 4 years ago, there was a sign saying they would be re-opening soon. A relative who lives near Toms River told me that they heard through the grapevine, Evergreen's was sold, put under new management, had renovated the place and reopened.

        I was hoping to hear from someone who could compare the old place with the new, so if you should get the chance to stop there, I'd appreciate hearing your comments and comparison. Thanks for responding.

      2. I went past it this morning- it's open. Didn't go inside, but the outside looks the same as it has for the past several years. I was inside last summer, and nothing much had been changed.

        1. Two years (or so) ago the man who used to own the European bakery on Hartford Road bought it and tried to open it as a "real" restaurant with higher priced food, mostly German. We used to LOVE his bakery and the few German lunch specials he used to offer at the bakery location. We tried the restaurant once after he reopened and it just was not very good. it was also not in good shape and was too expensive. I think they tried to go back to a roadside stop -- with the regulars and truckers in the morning for coffee and breakfast and burgers and ice cream later. But I'm not sure it ever came back.

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            I wondered what ever happened to that European Bakery. They had great stuff. John ???? it was called, I believe? Can you tell me if he reopened at another bakery?

            1. re: mschow

              I think it was John William's? I don't know that he opened another bakery. I think he had higher hopes for turning the old dairy bar into a real restaurant, but it didn't come together. I think he was better off as a bakery with lunch specials.

              I did go by the dairy bar and the "Evergreen" sign is still up and it's open. I don't know if he's now running it as a basic drive-up place and ice cream stand, or if he's sold it to someone else.

          2. Funny. i stopped there today. I didn't go in. There were people inside. i got a rootbeer italian ice at the window. Delicious. The girl was young, pretty and very friendly. never had any real food there. there is a red lion diner about 1 mile east in the circle. Way delish. And you get enough food for 3 meals.