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Mar 24, 2008 12:08 AM

Skowhegan,Maine Where are all the seafood restaurants

Having spent many nights in Skowhegan,it was impossible to find a lobster dinner anywhere in the area.We don't like to drive out of the area.Also,are there any suggestions for decent restaurants in general?Thx.

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  1. Hey raf we meet again. I have a little place that I go to in the summer up there and I agree with you the pickings are slim. Charrier and heritage house have the market sewn up as far as PM dining goes. Frenchey's and Charrier again for breakfast. Pub grub Old Mill pub but the beer is better than the food. If time permits and it is worth the 30 minutes to get there The Bread Box in Waterville. Not so sure on any Lobster at any of these places. We always take a trip to Belfast (1 hour east) to get my lobster fix and a nice little seaside town to stroll.

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      Hey Robert.It took me a minute to figure where we have met in the past.Sounds like you are doing good.When are you going to come out of retirement?The area could use a place with you at the helm.

    2. On the coast! Skowhegan is noted for making popsicle sticks and New Balance and Ed Harris getting an OUI, not seafood. Mainegal, where you?

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        Agreed about the coast being the place for lobster. The best meal in Central (inland) Maine is breakfast,at least in the Waterville-Oakland area I'm most familar with. I'm sure that's the case in "Squeegee" too.

        The OP could always pop over (a little pun for the fans of the once-great John Martin's Manor) to the Weathervane in Waterville for lobster. Maybe the Lobster Trap in Winslow? It's been a few years since I've been there, and I seem to recall some sort of health scare there, but according to Yahoo it's still there. Worth checking out, anyway.

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          I would strongly advise against the Lobster Trap. The food is medicore at best and the atmosphere is drab. If Raf is willing to drive to Winslow, I would strongly suggest going the extra 45 minutes to Belfast or even a little further to Lincolnville for lobster. Skowhegan is certainly no chowhound haven nor is it known for lobster dinners. Good luck, my fellow chowhound. Central Maine is no Providence! I lived in Rhode Island for several years and miss the restaurants dearly!

      2. As others have noted, choices are pretty slim in Skow town. If I were craving lobster there, I'd find out where and what day the fish truck came to town, find it, purchase a couple of the crustaceans and cook them myself.

        1. Thx to all who replied.It just seems that with the best lobster in the world only an hour east,the area restaurants should be flooded with them.Everyone raves about Charrier in that area.I have eaten there and think it is just o.k.I have eaten at Frenchy's for breakfast and did enjoy it.I have never eaten at The Heritage House but I have heard good reviews about it.I have been by the Lobster Trap in Winslow but have been told by the locals to stay away,although every time I go by the place,it seems busy.I liked the Old Mill Pub for typical pub food.The Empire Grill;only there because of Ed Harris! The Purple Cow cloesest to the Sappi paper mill was terrible.Now it's the Flatlander.The one further down in Fairfield was better.Sandy's place on 201.I'll reserve comment.The Snack Shack,never again.Skowhegan House of Pizza;not the best,but the best of the rest.Bolly's hot dogs;just o.k.The outdoor hot dog stand in Winslow was better.Just now, Mr. G's deli in Fairfield comes to mind.I have yet to try that one.2007 food at the Skow fair,probably the best year yet.I know,I know but it's fair food. I have eaten at the Weathervane in Waterville,and to me it is just like the chain restaurants in the area,although chowhounders give good reviews to the original one in Southern Maine.John Martins Manor was always good if we just wanted a buffet other then Chinese.They sold lobster too,but the only time I had them there they were soft shell and there was not any meat in the claws.Not their fault,but don't tell me they are hard shell.Speaking of Chinese,I did enjoy a good meal at Ming Lee in Waterville.I am going to look for the Bread Box.I believe it is down by the old post office.I have had many a good lobster on the coast,but it usually turns into a four hour affair,and my time is limited to about an hour and a half.I have seen a Youngs Seafood truck in the area.The best idea might be to purchase off of him,and cook them in my turkey fryer at the public picnic grounds.Thanks again.

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            It just came to me RAF Gus's Tavern

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              The Asian Cafe in Winslow is worth a visit. Big G's has HUGE yummy sandwiches (over 60 kinds). They also serve a coma-inducing breakfast if that's your preference. Bread Box is on Main Street in Waterville. I have had some good and some so-so meals there. Nice atmosphere, but having gone there since they opened, I have never experienced dining nirvana. IMO, their dishes are safe and some lack creativity. However, for the area, this is about as good as it'll get. If you get more time, I would recommend the drive to Morse's in North Waldoboro. They make their own sauerkraut, have a well stocked deli and market (lots of imported items) and have a small cafe specializing in German food (closed Wed.) Get there early for lunch as a line develops quickly (10:30am-4pm lunch: breakfast 8-10:30am th-sun).

            2. A sad thought, the Mickey Dee's in Skowhegan prob. has Lobster Rolls. How about the summer theatre dinner place on the lake just north of town? Or just give it up and go for BBQ during the fair. Doesn't Skowhegan mean "the watching place" as in salmon? How ironic.

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                When you think about it, there really are few good seafood places in inland Maine, and I think that's because Mainers are very parochial about seafood. I know I tend not to order it if I'm not right on the coast. Yeah, yeah, I know. Today's shipping techniques guarantee it's fresh, it's just that if I can't see or smell the sea, I tend not to order it. And I think a lot of folks think the same way--ingrained attitude.

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                  What is the name of the summer theater / rest. on the lake outside of town? Driving me crazy.