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Mar 23, 2008 11:31 PM

Thai House in Smithtown-a review

I've been frequenting the Thai House in Smithtown since it opened two years back. I must say, that while it is not perfect, it is quite good, and the owner (ayutthaya) is great.

When I order various curries, I almost always order shrimp. I can't comment on the beef/chix/pork varieties but my brother in law loves the pork in many of the dishes.

Also, my brother in law has frequented thailand and has made it known that the yum nure(beef salad) is the best he's ever had. I must say it's my favorite dish in the whole place.

The panang curry is delicious with a richness and spice that is perfect. The noodle curry(lunch menu) is a delicious variant of the traditional gang dang but a little more liquidy as it's designed to be a noodle soup. Great for those cold days.

Appetizers are great...spring rolls, crab rolls, and the beef satay is INCREDIBLE.

The tom kha soup is amazing...I get with the shrimp.

At dinner, the duck tamarind is great...I get the sauce extra spicy. There are usually a couple of good specials at fish, jumbo shrimp panang, seafood in love, etc. The salads are excellent, as I mentioned before, I love the yum nure, but the yum kai with fried chicken and apples slices is de-lish.

The coconut custard for dessert is really good...super sweet and oh so smooth.

Tell Autthaya that dr. scott sent you. He's really a great guy and I encourage all of you to at least try it. I have friends who come out from the boroughs and westchester to eat there. It's on Jericho tpk in smithtown, also called main street.


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  1. Nice review. I, too have been a frequent visitor to Thai House, but my appreciation goes back even further, to the original location in Huntington. They left several years ago to be replaced with a poor substitute, Thai USA.

    Though I've never been disappointed with any dish, my favorites are the vegetarian green curry, the Tom yum soup, and the crispy whole fish with ginger and scallions.

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    1. re: phofiend

      Yes, huntington was the family's restaurant...I had not been there.

      I am particularly fond of that fish dish too! I get it made so spicy though.

    2. Thai House has been closed for "renovations" for some time?? any news?

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