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Mar 23, 2008 11:21 PM

San Francisco Restaurant Recomendation...

Hello everyone, I need a restaurant recommendation in San Francisco.

I need One fancy and several casual restaurants.

Aso cheap good food for the hurry days.

Please let me know your opinions.

I am going to be in San Francisco 5 days.

Thanks :)

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  1. Best start is by reading the following thread and ask more specific questions afterwards:

    With over 4,500 restaurants in this city, your query is simply far too basic for anyone to respond.

    1. I like Italian, chinesse, steak house, seafood.
      I will have a car so the transportation is not a problem.

      Thank You all.

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      1. re: josephml1

        I will have a car so the transportation is not a problem.
        Parking is.
        Where are you staying?

      2. Oh .... I've been waiting for this thread!

        First: Don't go to Boulevard. We spent well over $200 between my husband and I: waste.

        Cheap Eats: Taquiero Cancun in the Mission ... Rosamunde Sausage Grille in the Haight (sp?) and of course the magnificent Tartine bakery. Oh my gosh all of that is DELISH. OH wait ... Fritz Fries (sp?) were also pretty good. You must visit these three. (FF optional). I'm drooling w/ envy right now.

        Chez Panisse in Berkley (short train ride) is delicious splurge.

        Yank Sing (the Chinese restaurant) IS kinda touristy ...but you know what? I'm a tourist and the dim sum is damn good.

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        1. re: clemsonkd

          I am taking notes thank you for the advice :))))

          1. re: clemsonkd

            Umm...yesterday Boulevard was nominated for a James Beard Award for outstanding restaurant. It's one of only 5 nominees in the entire USA. You may have experienced it on a bad night, and it may have been a "waste" to you. But the fact is that Boulevard is a world-class restaurant and it's very much on top of its game right now.

            Boulevard Restaurant
            1 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105

            1. re: foodiesf

              Boulevard gets very mixed reports on this board with a recent report that slammed it ... which I agreed with every word. That's the nice thing about Chowhound ... people don't have to rely on what the experts think but what regular diners whose tastes might match your own think.

              I'm sure the people giving the award were not paying for their own meals ... which has been my problem with Boulevad ... good enough food but not enough to warrant the prices ... there's better in town at that price point.

              1. re: rworange

                I don't get Blvd...I've eaten there twice and was disappointed both times. One time I had the famous brined pork chop and it was dry and tasteless. The second time was worse and I wasn't expecting much. I could see one off night, but at those prices, two chances is beyond most people's tolerances.

                The James Beard award is nice...good for them. It won't make my two meals better, or get me to go back.

                1. re: rworange

                  Of course I'm not ignorant of the "mixed reviews" here. And of course I'm not saying that Boulevard is perfect and that everyone who goes there has a life-changing experience. That's not my point. Instead, my response was in reply to a self-identified "tourist" who said to another would-be visitor, flat out, "don't go there." And my point was this -- wait a minute, Boulevard has been part of the food scene here for a decade plus, it's internationally known, and it has just been nominated for the prestigious James Beard for Outstanding Restaurant. You can quarrel with the nomination, of course, or the qualifications of those who choose the nominees. But a non-local can't flat out dismiss a restaurant that has been so good for so long and just got a James Beard nomination. It would be foolish to do that. You may choose not to go, of course, but you can't just dismiss it without appearing, in my mind, to be unaware and/or biased.

                  1. re: foodiesf

                    On the other hand, since it's so well known, it doesn't need to be touted on Chowhound. The whole point of Chowhound is to go "beyond the hype" -- if someone just wants a list of the top-reviewed established restaurants in San Francisco, there are plenty of other places to find that information.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      It is also true that a well-reviewed and established restaurant doesn't automatically mean it is "over-hyped" and over-priced. Boulevard is my safe choice for impressing visiting guests whose chow seriousness I am not sure of. I've been there close to twenty times and it always delivers the goods.

                      1. re: Paul H

                        Just to clarify, I didn't say Boulevard was either overhyped or overpriced. But a visitor who does even the most cursory investigation of SF restaurants is not going to miss hearing about Boulevard -- I'm sure it appears prominently in virtually every guidebook and restaurant site for SF, which I think constitutes "hype" (whether or not you consider the hype excessive or justified).

                      2. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Oh, I disagree. Going "beyond the hype" is surely "a" point of Chowhound. But it's certainly not the "whole" point. Unless you're a Founder of this site, I just don't know how you can assert what the "whole" point of Chowhound is.

                        Everyone uses this site for different reasons, and every poster posts based on different experiences. I've read OP's who want a list of the current "hip" restaurants, or the most "trendy" cocktail lounges. So, for some people, the point of Chowhound is to get the hype and then experience the places. It's not my purpose of being here, and it's clearly not yours either. But it may be for some people.

                        << "Since it's so well known, it doesn't need to be touted on Chowhound." >>

                        Just because a restaurant is well known, then apparently it's not supposed to be given compliments and praise here on Chowhound? Huh? Whose "rule" is that?

                        1. re: foodiesf

                          Well, that's what the site's "manifesto" says.

                          But what I really meant by "beyond the hype" is that the point of this site is to share our personal opinions and experiences, and not just parrot conventional wisdom or press releases. Whether or not a restaurant has been nominated for an award is irrelvant. If you personally think it's a good restaurant or have had a good experience there, then please share it.

                      3. re: foodiesf

                        I like your posts foodiesf and thought about posting that. I guess if you had said you really liked the restaurant from personal experience it would have been better than just dragging out awards, not matter how prestegious.

                        Why would a vistor's one meal be any less valid than a local's one meal? Most of us have a few restaurants we go to repeatedly, but for some of the top restaurants most of us go once or a handfull of times, at most. If that first visit isn't great, even locals are reluctant to drop another $200 for another chance.

                        I'm sure this poster read all the media praise and was vastly disappointed by the experience and this is probably a more useful post in that it might lower expectations and let people decide on whether it is for them. There are no sacred cows.

                        Even acknowledging your fellow posters as in 'there are mixed reviews on the board. Some people agree with you but it just won the James Beard award so a lot of people hold it in high esteem" ... would have been better than dismissing someone's experience. Sometimes when someone makes a statement that I disagree with, I'll ask them why they feel that way.

                        1. re: rworange

                          Hi Hounds, sorry to interrupt, but this is starting to veer off-topic. Let's just focus on the chow. For discussions about the James Beard awards, please continue on the Not About Food Board. Thanks!

                          1. re: rworange

                            I don't post except on "personal experience." That goes without saying on all my posts. Sorry that wasn't clear. Do some people post without having a personal experience with the restaurant? Wow. I don't.

                            And I didn't "dismiss someone's experience." Please re-read my post. The poster, who is not a local, made the blanket statement that Boulevard was "a waste." And I disagreed with that, and pointed out that Boulevard just won the James Beard, and I urged the OP not to discount it entirely. That's all I said. Nothing more, nothing less. Pointing out a contrary point -- namely, that Boulevard just got a James Beard nomination -- is far, far from discounting his experience. It's simply another point of view. Discounting his experience would be saying, "You're wrong. Your experience didn't happen." And I never said that.

                            "Why would one visitor's meal be less valid than one local's meal?"

                            It's not that a local's opinion is more "valid." It's that a local's opinion is likely not based on a single encounter. Because I live here, I've been to Boulevard probably 20 times over the years, at all phases in the restaurant's growth. I've heard "the hype," and I've tested "the goods" against the hype many, many times. It's simple statistics -- with this many encounters, there's less risk of an "outlier" experience (either reallly good or really bad) that would skew the result. So locals (or others) who have multiple encounters with a restaurant have more data on which to rely, and that makes their experiences more representive of the "norm," which in turn tells a reader what his/her future experience is more likely to be like. That's a law of statistics, not something I made up, and that's why it's relevant.

                            I have lived here since 1991, and in my opinion there are very, very few restaurants that have maintained such a presence in this town for as long as Boulevard. Certainly Zuni...and Masa's....and a handful of others...but Boulevard is, without question, in very rarefied company. And the James Beard nomination is yet further evidence that Boulevard is an institution that shouldn't be dismissed out-of-hand. That's the minimum that the nomination says, in my opinion.

                            That was my only point -- to tell the OP that James Beard had a contrary point of view to the poster's, and to suggest to the OP that s/he not dismiss Boulevard so quickly. I'm sorry that you felt I dismissed the poster's experience. That was not my intent.

                            1. re: foodiesf

                              You still haven't said whether you've eaten there recently and what the food was like.

                  2. Hi may want to check out my link since I saw car/seafood/steak in your question (meaning somewhat similar to mine)....


                    Enjoy your stay

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                    1. What about restaurant recommendation in Napa Valley and Sonoma.

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