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Mar 23, 2008 09:39 PM

Best desert in Manhattan?

After dinner--where can we go that will knock our socks off???? Taking my 18 yr old daughter to Manhattan for a 5 days. Going to Tao, Lupa (or Butter), Blue Fin, Stanton Social and River Cafe. Also Tea at the Plaza. We're on L.A. time and are thrilled to be in the city--so out late. Did I miss anything?

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  1. Serendipity is always a classic if you dont mind the crowd and different but interesting atmosphere. Great frozen hot chocolates and enormous sundaes. I love the forbidden broadway sundae- giant hot fudge sundae with huge chunk of chocolate cake in it. There's also chocolate by the bald man (max brenner's place) if you are both into chocolate as I am. Magnolia is well known for cupcakes, but its not a sit down place or anything too exciting.

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      As an alternative to Max Brenner, consider eating a Snickers bar and then paying someone 10 bucks to punch you in the back of the head. The chocolate will be just as good, and you'll have more fun.

      I would third the suggestion to do WD-50's dessert tasting.

    2. Especially if you're going to be at Stanton Social, but worth a trip anyway, is to do the dessert tasting at WD-50. Really creative desserts that you can't get too many places. Other great desserts are the olive oil gelato at Otto, the pine nut crostada (if they have it) at Babbo and the brioche bread pudding at Dovetail. Wow.

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        I agree with WD-50. Wasn't too crazy about the food, but thought the desserts were sublime. I also like the gelatos at Otto. There are a couple of dessert bars in NYC -- Kyotofu and Chikalicious. Kyotufu wasn't really my thing but it's a different take on desserts if you're interested (big Asian influence). Chikalicious serves dessert in three course tasting portions. It's OK, but I feel you can get more delicious things in NYC. I think that you can also go to Daniel for just dessert in the lounge.

      2. Gelato at Otto, chocolate tart with Maledon sea salt at Eleven Madison, donuts dessert at Stanton Social, tres leches cake at Cafecito, baklava at Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine

        1. My favorite desserts place are Lady M (78th bet Madison and Park) and Bouchon Bakery on the Time Warner Center. But Lady M is expensive and a very Upper East Side place, I don't know if a 18 year old would like it. Payard on 74th and Lexington is also very good.

          1. If you're going to eat at Lupa, you may want to consider Bruno's Pasticceria at 506 LaGuardia Place, which is almost literally around the corner from Lupa's. I wouldn't say Bruno's has "the best dessert in Manhattan," but they've got a nice range of small cakes, tarts, and cookies. And they have gelato.

            Bruno Bakery
            506 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012