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Mar 23, 2008 08:36 PM

Mexican Coconut/Lime candy ?!

Someone at work brought some coconut candy within cooked Lemon skins (yes edible skins).. it was sooo yummy!... she mentioned the name and unfortunately I cannot remember :(

Anyone know what its called and where is it available?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I belive they are called "Limones Cocadas"
Found an image here --

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  1. We bought some at the Northgate Gonzalez market outpost in San Diego. You are right - these are amazing! I'd assume they are available at the chain locations of that Market in LA. Let us know what you find!

    You may also want to search for "Dulcerias"

    1. I've always known them as "cocadas" and the few times I have seen them here in the US they are a pale reminder of the real thing.

      I remember with great fondness the cocadas at the Morelia, Michoacan candy market [the second largest outside of Puebla]. Only .05 cents a piece. Moist and creamy ... heavenly!

      1. I would suggest trying Liborio, the big Latin American grocer on Pico and Alvarado.

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          Thanks! I will check at Liborio .. think there is a location near Wilshire Blvd