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Mar 23, 2008 08:23 PM

Asian Food Channel

While at work this evening, I spoke with a very nice woman from Singapore, who worked for the Asian Food Channel. I took a look on their website: and it makes me wonder: WHY do they get shows that sound worlds better than what Food Network tries to pass off as "Food television, and MORE"??

Yes, they do get syndicated shows like New Scandinavian Cooking (great show, btw) and Hell's Kitchen, but I would love to see every single one of their regional programming shows!

Anyone here on CH who can let us know if their channel is as good as it looks online?

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  1. Is this channel available anywhere in the US?

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    1. re: currymouth

      Not that i'm aware...I really wish it was, tho- i'd watch it constantly!

    2. i checked out their show lineup the korean and japanese show look good-i dont see a decent chinese cooking show on the lineup which is a bummer

      1. I think if you were to only read about the FN shows without actually knowing what they were (or actually having watched them), they too would sound pretty interesting.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Not too likely..The concept of the Deen son's show on paper alone sounds wrong..Add their "personalities" to that and hoo-boy...Just as bad as the show really is!! *LOL*

        2. I watched it every chance I got when I was last in Manila a few months ago. And, yes, it's very, very good! There are a lot of European food shows, so it's not entirely Asian. It's relatively new, so most of the Asian food and cooking shows aren't as polished, high-budget, or commercialized as many of their Western counterparts. On the other hand, they often had a funny-earnest-intimate quality I enjoyed. It was fascinating to be able to watch food and travel programs--in all their glorious local color--from all over world.

          Cooking in these United States is great, but it isn't the world by a long shot. AFC is a refreshing reminder of the rich wonderful world out there.

          1. only four asian food shows!
            website not very well-designed/accessible re recipes. did a search for "stir-fry" and nothing came up!
            handy conversion computer