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Mar 23, 2008 07:53 PM

Orlando: new suggestions?

My best friend and I will be making another visit to Orlando. We are definite foodies, but love a fun place over a stuffy "food temple." We'll be staying just north of downtown, not far from College Park. Some places we have tried and loved: K Restaurant, HUE, Coq au Vin, Ravenous Pig and Citrus. Was wondering what folks recommend for Italian? Bravissimo? Il Pescatore? Nonna? Also, though I would have no problem going back to any of the places we've been, is there anything wonderful and new that we should try? Finally, is there anything in the Vi-Mi district that absolutely bowls you over (we're both from cities where excellent Asian fare is readily available, so we generally don't seek it out unless it's really special). Thanks, as always, for your suggestions!!

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  1. CR, man you travel around...

    Check out Lac Viet on Colonial Drive for Vietnamese.
    And FiFi's wine bar/cafe downtown, near Lake Eola, has had some interesting pairings on weeknights. I think they have a website.

    Otherwise, i think you have some very nice choices for repeat eats!

    1. Fifi's
      Fun wine (themed) specials on weeknights, listed on main page.

      Taste, in College Park. Great small plates! Wonderful for lunch too!

      Harmoni Market, in College Park, next to Restaurant K. Glass of wine, salad, munchies. Dinners are nice too.

      Midnight Blue

      Nonna is owned by Kevin of K Restaurant (on your loved list) and in College Park so you might want to start there for Italian. They are open for lunch and dinner, menu is on the K site.


      1. If your looking for Italian in Orlando, I would suggest the following two great places. First, Primo at the JW Marriott near Seaworld. The food is Mostly Organic and outstanding with a great wine list.
        Lastly, I would suggest Bice at the Portofino Bay Hotel near Universal studios. The Food is amazing and the wine list is also very good.
        Good Eats