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Mar 23, 2008 07:38 PM

MADINA - CIA - What Happened?

Anyone know anything about the MADINA closure on Coney Island Avenue?...the innards look like a massive construction job going on.

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  1. I was just there today. I had the veggie platter and it was great. Very fresh and not greasy. How's the rest of the menu, any idea?

    1. Medina re-opened yesterday as celebrated on the ditmas park blog ( with one of the deepest descents into comments purgatory on a neighborhood blog that I have been unfortunate enough to witness.

      The re-grand opening was after two weeks closed undergoing renovations. There was some speculation that there were DOH issues afoot but this turns out to be unfounded.

      Considering Medina is on a whole different level of steam table joint quality than its CIA brethren, the kind folks there are kicking it up another notch with an open kitchen and more open space in general.

      The food looked and from what I sampled yesterday is exactly the same as pre-renovation. The pakora and samosas are really good as are the chickpea and lentil curries. The fried fish, fired peppers stuffed with chicken and shish-ka-bob sandwiches are all non-steam table options that are cheap and delicious. Prices have always been inconsistent – meaning takeout for the same item might be 4.99 this week but 5.99 next, depending on who is ringing you up. Medina is a good spot and nice folks who have obviously just put in a lot of work to improve their customers’ experience. Oh, and don’t forget the (green) hot sauce.

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        A definite visual improvement, now airy and spaciousness feeling, with colorful and distinctive diamond tiling motif.

        Went tonight and had the usual: Chana curry atop basmati rice. Two kababs spiced delicately with subtle heat. Naan with sesame seeds and one I've had in ages. Tossed in salad. Altogether satisfying.

        Fair warning: the servers are clueless about placing plastic take-home containers in a microwave...I was adamant they did not and heated the basmati at home.