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Mar 23, 2008 06:58 PM

craftbar/accademia di vino/or soho grand for bday dinner??help!

Hi, because i am eternally indecisive i have 3 reservations for my 25th birthday this saturday night!. We will be a group of 10 people. I would like something fun where we can linger for a while and have some good cocktails. I dont want people to pay a fortune, but i know these arent "cheap" which is fine. Only chose Grand Bar and Lounge at soho grand because i figured we could order small plates etc throughout the night and also invite others to join us after dinner and stay at the bar for a while, but i havent heard anything good about the food there.

What do you all think? thanks!

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  1. Have only been to Craftbar out of that group. It can be hit or miss, but it is a fun atmosphere.

    1. Food at accademia is incredible and the atmosphere is nice..its a fun place as well. You can start with cocktails at the bar upstairs and then head for dinner down stairs in the wine cellar. wont bve dissapointed!

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        What would you recommend eating at Accademia?