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Mar 23, 2008 06:47 PM

Best Pancakes or Waffles in Boston

Just ate Brunch at Abe and Louie's today. Blueberry pancakes were really good. Blueberries cooked into fluffy pancakes (big portion) and real maple syrup. Accompanied by great coffee.

So I was wondering if anyone has any other favorites in the Boston area for either pancakes or waffles.

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  1. Sweet potato waffle with pecans (weekends only) at Deluxe Town Diner.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      You can get the sweet potato pancakes with pecans every day at Deluxe Town Diner and they *almost* melt in your mouth. That is, they are really freakin' good!

      1. re: Spenbald

        The pancakes are great -- I recommend them over all other pancakes in town -- but the waffles (which they only do on weekends) are out of this world good.

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          Sounds great - how packed is the place on weekends? We have guests coming next week who would love something like this, but I don't want to drag them somewhere I've never been only to find out that we have to stand outside for 2 hours.

          1. re: magic helmet

            You'll likely have to stand outside (or in the enclosed porch), but not for two hours. A half hour at most, probably more like 15 to 20 minutes. It's a railroad car-style diner, and it fills up quickly (especially from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), but the turnover is pretty good, and if you get there before 10, you'll probably be okay.

        2. re: Spenbald

          Is Deluxe Town Diner the same thing as Deluxe in the South end? I think I am confused. Where is this Deluxe Town Diner you speak of?

          1. re: lemiller610

            On Mt. Auburn in Watertown. Not at all connected to the place in the South End.

      2. Blueberry pancakes at Mul's Diner in South Boston

        1. Wonder Waffle with fresh fruit at Sound Bites.

          1. I really like the pancakes at The Paramount on Charles Street - buttery with nice crispy edges.

            Chocolate chip pancakes (hold the coconut please!) at Soundbites are very good too.

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            1. re: heathermb

              I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THE CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES at paramount made with belgian chocolates. love love love

            2. Can we add French toast to the request too? I've been craving a good version of pancakes and FT, preferably w/ real syrup and maybe with a twist of some sort.

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              1. re: Joanie

                Banana stuffed french toast with date butter at Zaftigs. Challah french toast there is also excellent, but no twist there. I *think* you can get real maple syrup if you ask.