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Mar 23, 2008 06:45 PM

Cracker-Crust Pizza in LA

Just had a flashback to the best hole-in-the-wall pizzeria we found in italy in Siena. Cracker thin, square cut, and dusted on the bottom with cornmeal.....mmmmmmmmmmm

Any tips where I can find something similar here? Not looking for NY Style (Joe's, Vito's), or traditional Italian restaurant type pizzas (Il Forno, La Vecchia). Any tips?

Bollini's reviews & description sounds like it may fit the bill, but that might as well be Vegas, coming from Santa Monica.

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  1. Jeffe, take the journey, break free of your west side ties. Come east young man, come east, I know it is hard to cross Lincoln, but there is a great big food universe waiting for you to explore and its initials are SGV, por vida!

    1. the thinnest crust that i've found on the westside is that found at ANTICA PIZZERIA in marina del rey.
      i really like their pies.
      the pie is round, though, and i don't remember cornmeal.
      the style is neopolitan.

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        Antica is delicious but traditional Neapolitan, which it sounds like Jeffe doesn't want.

      2. D'Amore's uses cornmeal for their thin-crust pizza. It's not square cut, but it is thin and crispier than a lot of pizzas. There are a lot of different D'Amore's around, but the closest to Santa Monica may be in Westwood. The white pizza is fabulous, though I sometimes also order the white pizza with extra sauce. The two complaints about D'Amore's are that the pizzas are expensive and are not very heavy on toppings (especially for the price).

        There is a sandwich shop called Roman's (one in West Hollywood and another in Sherman Oaks) that has a few cracker-thin, crispy pizzas on its menu. I find Roman's food pretty dreadful, at least the Sherman Oaks store, which is the only one I've tried, but love the shrimp pizza with pesto, heavy doses of garlic, spinach, and gorgonzola. The crust is wafer thin and very crispy, but not with cornmeal. I recommend absolutely nothing else at Roman's.

        1. Not quite sure if it's what you're looking for, but Palomino's pizzas are on a thin cracker crust. Don't think they're dusted on the bottom with cornmeal, though. I'm sure they can't compare with what you've had in Italy - but during happy hour, they're $5, which makes for a nice late-afternoon snack.

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            1. re: Burger Boy

              Palomino, in Westwod Village. The link gives the address as on Wilshire Blvd. but the entrance is at the corner of Glendon and Lindbrook.

              Palomino Euro-Bistro
              10877 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          1. FYI.....Corn meal is used to keep the dough,especially thinner crust doughs from sticking, first to the pizza peel(that long stick with the wide paddle at the end) and then the oven floor. Of course a fair amount gets trapped in the dough and gives an extra bit of crunch. It is a very traditional Italian method used in pizza. With the current skyrocketing price of grains in this country expect to see places cut back on what might be an area to save $