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Mar 23, 2008 06:27 PM

Japanese fans


Any thoughts on these restaurants- any rankings?

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  1. Zento is excellent, I've never been to Shiroi Hana but a lot of people really like it.

    1. I've been to Umai Umai when it first opened in the Art Museum area and it was pretty good, though a little pricey. Former chef from Teikoku. Would be a good time to try with the 20% off. Nice find pamd.

      Not a fan of Raw although I haven't been in about 1 year. Roy's is more Hawaiian (pricey) and Tokio is a french/asian fusion which was ok the one time I have been. Genji and FM are good, Zento has always been excellent. Can't speak for the rest. I'm going to try Yakitori boy.

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        Yakitori Boy is OK, it depends what you order though. I'd stay away from the sushi. The 'fish pancake' was really good, so were most of the yakitori I had with the exception of the short rib. I also had a very nice dish of red bean ice cream there.

      2. We have been to Shiroi Hana many times; it's a great place to go before a concert at the Kimmel Center or theater. Pleasant, serene, good food, good service.

        A friend who has been to Umai several times thinks it has the best sushi in Philadelphia. We haven't tried it, but plan to.

        Kaizan must be the one that just opened near the Academy of Music. Looking forward to reports.

        Genji was good the last time we were there and has an interesting menu. It was a bit too slow for us to suit our before/concert needs.

        Thanks for the post, Pam.