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Mar 23, 2008 06:26 PM

Kobe Beef/Open Kitchen Combo?

Anyone know of a restaurant serving Kobe beef that also has an open kitchen/chef's table?

Or, ignoring the open kitchen issue, where is the best Kobe beef in the city?

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  1. The Kitchen Counter @ Beacon.

    REAL Kobe beef cooked on a hot stone, it's one of the 12 dishes at this 1 seating a week kitchen counter.

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    1. re: ginsbera

      Wow...that sounds amazing.

      If someone just wanted the best place for Kobe beef in the city (forget the open kitchen), where would they go?

      1. re: hawkwild

        Le Bernadin has the most amazing Kobe (or is it Wagyu??) beef in a surf and turf dish.