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Mar 23, 2008 05:13 PM

Breakfast in Ktown?

I'll be here for WESTEC at Staples and will be staying in Beverly Hills b/c I don't like staying downtown. I'll be passing thru Ktown every morning. Can anyone please recommend a good place for breakfast in Ktown?

Thanks and I love the LA CH board.

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  1. in ktown? i dunno

    korean food?

    there's always pipers on western

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    1. re: frank828

      Thanks Frank - sorry I wasn't very specific, was I? I'd prefer Korean, e.g, hae jang gook, but am open to almost anything except your typical ham and eggs- I can get that at my hotel.

      1. re: samse

        mm do ppl normally eat gook so for breakfast? I'm not Korean so I don't know but it made a good breakfast for me
        For this I go to Ma Dang Gook So on Western (

        1. re: burumun

          Wow! Thanks so much for the tip! In the East Bay of the SF Bay Area where I work, there are only two Korean restaurants I am aware for breakfast, both on Telegraph Ave in Oakland. Sunnyvale probably has more, but I'm just getting familiar with that area. Yes, hae jang guk is your traditional Korean breakfast soup. It is (usually) beef bone based with a heavy dose of salty soy paste. It contains offal, bean sprouts, greens, beef bones w/ (hopefully) a little meat still attached. A small brick of congealed blood is also in there for flavor and can be removed or not, depending on your taste. Salt and red chili paste is also added at the table to taste. Banchun usually consists of various kimchees and, if you're lucky, green peppers with a soy dipping paste. Of course, you'll need lots of mouthwash and gum or you'll start your day with witheringly bad breath.

    2. Guelaguezta has great breakfast.

      Oaxacan food... eggs and stuff.

      Huevos Rancheros servido con arrozy frijoles negros, fried eggs on crispy tortilla covered with spicy tomato sauce. served with rice and black buns
      Huevos Revueltos Con Jamon sevidos con arrozy frijoles negros, scrambled eggs with ham, served with rice and black beans
      Huevos Revueltos Con Chorizo scrambled eggs with chorlzo served with rice and black beans
      Huevos a La Mexican scrambled eggs with chopped tomato, onion and chile, served with rice and black beans
      Salsa De Huevos huevos on salsa de jitomatcy jalapcflo servido con frijoles negros, scrambled eggs covered with spicy tomato sauce, served with black beans
      Salsa De Chorizo chorizo on salsa dc jltomatc y jalapodo, serydo con frijolcs negros, chutny served with spicy tomato sauce served with black beans
      Salsa De Queso queso frest con salsa de jitomate y jalapeno, served con frijoics negros fresh cheese curved with spicy tomato sauce, served with black beans
      Salsa De Chicharron chicharron on salsa de jitomate y jalapeno servido con frijoles negros fried pork on in cosered with spicy tomato sauce, served with black beans

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      1. re: Jennalynn

        only early morning korean places i know of are those 24 hours places.

        Hodori, Nakwon and BCD.

        Lotta people hate on these places but personally i have no problem with their food. I think its plenty tasty.

      2. Other 24 hr places that are literally next door to each other on 8th between Catalina and Berendo.

        Umma Jip
        Halmae Jip

        1. Thanks to all of you for your help. I'm going to be hard pressed, but quite happy, to try all your rec's.

          1. So obviously I'm reading this way too late to be of any help, but for Ktown breakfasts, I totally recommend Healthy Zone Jook Hyang, at 3177 Olympic! It's very cute, friendly, relaxed-- the branding is some funny combination of healthy and religious (as I recall, it has all sort of "52"-themed stuff inside), but the porridge is also quite solid. They open at 7am. I haven't been in quite a while, but a quick google search indicates they're still around!
            (There's lots more jook places, of course, but I really like this place for their friendly atmosphere and range of flavor options)

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            1. re: another_adam

              Link to the location:

              Healthy Zone Jook Hyang
              3177 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006