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Mar 23, 2008 05:11 PM

Baby Shower Luncheon in South Philly

Looking for suggestions on a baby shower lunch in South Philly for around 16-17 people for a good price, maybe 18 a head tops. Italian would be best, either red gravy or classical. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Marra's has an upstairs room and their least expensive menu is around $15pp, but that is before tax and tip, so you'd probably go over $18.

    I don't know of anywhere else that you would even come close to $18pp though.

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      we've done affairs for around 18pp at Popi's before, but those were all for funerals, and that is kinda what we think of when we think of Popi's, so we obviously don't want to go in there with those thoughts on such a great day.

    2. Not in S. Philly; but Maggiano' great....alot of food and not alot of $$$ style ? It's around 11th and Arch....(?) across from Italian Market

      1. Try giving Pat Bombino's a call. They just opened up on 9th and Catharine a few months ago. I live about a block away and I've eaten there a few times. The food is quite good and I believe it's within your price range--plus, given that they're still trying to get a foot in the door, I bet they might give you a good price on a fixed menu-type option.

        I would stay away from Maggiano's. The food's all right, I guess, but I find the atmosphere pretty chain-y and depressing.