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Mar 23, 2008 05:07 PM

The Golden Lamb Buttery???

I have heard that the Golden Lamb Buttery is a GREAT place to eat in the Quiet Corner of CT. My issue is that I've been calling for 2 weeks (random days/ various times) and get no answer. Our neighbors said they heard it was being sold. I've searched the internet and have come up empty handed. Does anyone know if the Golden Lamb has shut their doors forever?

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  1. Here is all the contact information I have

    Golden Lamb Buttery

    When we were there last summer we feared their might be changes in the future. They have always closed for part of the winter but are usually open by this time. The Web site has not been updated.

    If I hear more I'll post here.

    1. I certainly hope they are finally closing.

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        1. re: trufflehound

          Yeah, why? I want to know too? I wonder if it's a service/attitude issue?

          Winochick, if you're looking for something special in that area, try in Ashford. You could combine it w/a couple of wine tastings in the general vicinty.

          1. re: JaneRI

            I strongly second Jane's nomination of Still River Cafe. It's a wonderful restaurant. I was just there Easter Sunday. Please see my comments at the end of the Worcester Easter Brunch thread from yesterday (Monday, March 24)....

            1. re: JaneRI

              Hi JaneRI - I will DEFINITELY try Still River. i am always looking for suggestins in this area. We always seem to end up at Point Breeze in the summer. Need some good options. Thanks for suggesting!

          2. re: kwbyrne

            Why the nastiness? I can't think of a classier, more gracious couple than the Booths. They devoted themselves for years to this unique enterprise and actually reached a very high level of food and service. Has it declined in recent years? I don't know, maybe it has. But there's no reason to cheer for its demise.

            1. re: coldduck

              It's the first and only post by kwbyrne... that says a lot..

              I had one wonderful lunch a couple of years ago at Golden Lamb... it was a great experience, wonderful service, great setting...good food... totally unique

              1. re: LenaNE

                Unfortunately, some people feel if the portion is less than 28 oz. and the price over $10.95 the place is a rip off, or if they source out local goods and brand them on menus, the place is too frou frou for their neighborhood.

                1. re: LenaNE

                  Sorry, I just joined.

                  Don't mean to be nasty, but GLB remains for me the gold standard of pretentious and overpriced dining. We were made to go on a hayride (remaining in the restaurant and admiring the lovely view was not allowed). Having a mediocre guitarist serenade our table was non negotiable...she would not move on. Making people go on a hayride and listen to horrible jokes doesn't strike me as gracious hosting. The food was good, but unremarkable. When makiing reservations, you should be told they don't take crdit cards. It was like a Disney restaurant.

                  1. re: kwbyrne

                    Good review kw, as most people do NOT like that sort of "extra." And, sorry to say, trufflehound, but most posters here feel GLB IS too frou frou. I prefer the term "quaint." In any case, it would not be good to lose a decent place in such a tough area. And they still have a dress code too! Yay!

                    1. re: thos

                      Well, I guess the lesson here is that you can have a dress code, or a mandatory hayride, but not both.

                      1. re: kwbyrne

                        I guess you're right. It's only been in business for 44 years.

                        1. re: coldduck

                          FWIW, a friend called once for Mother's Day reservations (I can't recall whether they didn't serve on Mother's Day, or if they were full...this was about 5-6 yrs ago) and she got off the phone somewhat startled at the unpleasant manner of the person answering the phone.

                          1. re: JaneRI

                            I always thought the name was odd...what is a "Buttery" anyway? Why not just the "Golden Lamb"...

                            It's like...eatery... grub and grog...drinking emporium...all pretentious...and just weird to say...enough with the quaint New England phrases...

                            1. re: sodagirl

                              All that's a place I regret never getting to. The grounds were gorgeous...I've taken pics there more than once in fall.

                              1. re: sodagirl

                                Buttery (shop)
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                                In the Middle Ages, a buttery was a storeroom for liquor, the name being derived from the Latin and French words for bottle or, to put the word into its simpler form a butt, that is, a cask. Over time, the buttery became a general food storeroom, and in particular the larders of Oxbridge colleges where students would purchase food and drink.

                                Most Oxford and Cambridge colleges, University College, Durham and Trinity College, Dublin call their eating places butteries to this day, as do a few schools in the United Kingdom.

                                The residential colleges of Yale also refer to their snack bars by this name. Trinity College at the University of Toronto also uses the name to refer to its cafeteria located in the Larking building. Bruce Hall at the Australian National University also maintains a buttery, which is an informal canteen and bar.

                      2. re: kwbyrne

                        I am sorry you had an unpleasant experience at the GLB - I have worked there for 8 years and left last fall only to be completely lost without my home away from home and am returning when they re-open in June. The Golden Lamb experience was, for many of my guests, like spending an evening with friends and I hope to keep that tradition going for many more years to come. The new owner is indeed the granddaughter of Bob & Jimmie Booth and other past employees have also decided to return to the place we all love and truly enjoy. Please come and give us another try!

                2. An older woman (who is "in the know") in town informed me that I am apparently not very smart for calling before April. They close down for the winter. Sometimes open in April, but often do not re-open until May. She mentioned that she heard they may be putting the "Buttery" up for sale, but to her knowledge, it has NOT been sold.

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                  1. re: winochick

                    I called the Golden Lamb today and they will be opening for the season on June 19th. It's on their website too. I guess their granddaughter is taking over the restaurant.

                    1. re: annie1020

                      Thank you Annie, I call for a reservation tomorrow!

                  2. As you know, it remains open, and I'm thrilled, since we'll be moving back to the area. I got married at the Golden Lamb and the entire day was lovely and memorable.

                    KRM, I've never heard of anyone being "forced" to go on a hayride, but you may have caught Jimmie on one of her feistier days. She's an inimitable lady, with a truly amazing history - an engineer for Pratt & Whitney during WW2, she became an influential fashion buyer, then had a stint with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, all prior to opening the Golden Lamb.

                    Everyone should eat at the Golden Lamb at least once. It is an experience of an earlier, more gracious era, and as far from Disney as could be.

                    1. I have to say I've heard about the whole "experience" element of the hayride and guitar and food and was excited to go. However, when I went with my mom for lunch (no entertainment, just food) the food fell short of the expectations that had been set by other comments about how fantastic it was. The meal wasn't memorable. In fact, I can't even remember precisely what I ate--only that I wasn't that thrilled with it. Chicken pot pie, maybe? I make the same dish at home, but I prefer my own homemade pie.

                      That is not my neck of the woods whatsoever and it's about an hour plus to get out there from home. After GLB, we tried Sharpe Hill. We have been there at least a dozen times, both for lunch and for dinner, in summer on the patio and at holiday time in the winter. For my money, that's the food, wine and experience high note in CT's Quiet Corner--especially when you're making a special trip to get there. And, not sure if Lisbon is also considered part of the Quiet Corner, but if so, Heritage Trail is a close second with extra points for genuine hospitality in addition to great food.

                      Sharpe Hill Vineyard
                      108 Wade Rd, Pomfret, CT