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Mar 23, 2008 05:06 PM


Question 1: I enjoy eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast. If I want to make a few at the beginning of the week, how many days can they sit in the fridge & be safe for so that I don't need to boil them daily? (I would leave the shell on until eating)

Question 2: If I make a recipe that just calls for yolk, can I keep the white for an omelette the next day or does it have to be cooked right away?

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  1. Q1. I would not keep cooked eggs longer than a day in the fridge.

    Q2. Egg whites can be frozen; I don't know if that can help you.


    1. I eat hardboiled eggs days after boiling them, or even deviling them, with no ill effects. Egg whites freeze well.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        second mmruth! -- although deviled eggs never make it to fridge for any time at all -- because they are summarily dispatched down the gullet! i'm a pure, unabashed glutton for deviled eggs!

      2. According to the USDA, hard-cooked in-shell eggs can be kept for up to a week and egg whites can be refridgerated for 2-4 days.
        Personally, I have eaten deviled eggs that were a couple days old without any ill effects. They are one of my favorited diet foods!

        1. Definately cook your week's worth of eggs in one batch and refrig. I use a pencil to write the date. No guess on when or if they are boiled that way.

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            i use the pencil trick, too -- also drawing a ring around the egg for really quick i.d.. i recall someone else just used a little easter egg dye when boiling. imo, pencil is easier.

            has anyone else boiled eggs in the same water with potatoes for a fast start on potato salad? neat trick, i say.

            1. re: alkapal

              I always boil the eggs with the potatoes. Mom did it that way too.

          2. 1. 5 days
            2. yes, the white will keep for a couple of days