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Mar 23, 2008 04:54 PM


Driving around Williamsburg last night and stumbled on Miranda. very nice spot, nice, caring waitstaff and attentive owner. Most dishes are offerd as half plate option, which is a great alternative. Spanish-Itatalian, nice twist.

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  1. I hate to post a negative review of Miranda because the food really is excellent but after the service disaster that I experienced last night, I simply have to.
    This was my second time to Miranda: I live in the neighborhood. The first time the service was perfect BUT we were there on a random night at 10 PM and the place was empty. They had nothing better to do than take care of us.
    Last night we came by around 8 PM. The place was packed but that's expected on a Friday night in Williamsburg. We patiently waited at the bar while a table opened up and were very happy that it was the best seat in the house, right by their gorgeous huge front window.
    The meal started out just fine. We had our wine with us that we brought over from the bar and we got the caprese appetizer that was absolutely delicious: great heirloom tomatoes, fresh tasty mozzarella, delicious lemony dressing on the accompanying greens. And then things took a turn for the worst.
    We waited for our entrees: the special risotto and the pasta dish from the regular menu. And waited. And waited. About 30 minutes after we finished our appetizer, a server (a bus boy, not our waiter) showed up with a complimentary bruschetta-type snack for each of us and apologized that our entrees were taking so long. He promised that it was coming out in a few minutes. Alright...
    We waited. And waited some more. Our waiter came by, and apologized, told us the food was on its way. We waited some more, working our way through the wine. The head waiter saw that we were still entree-less, stormed into the kitchen and came back to report that our food was coming out in a few minutes. We waited. The rest of the staff avoided our table like the plague because we were starting to look pissed. Our water was dwindling and our wine was almost done.
    Next the owner came by. He also said that he just checked with the kitchen and the entrees were coming out. OK... we heard this before.
    Our entrees, ordered at 8:34 (confirmed by the check), finally arrived 9:53 PM. I know this because we got so pissed we actually created a cut-off time for ourselves: if the food was not there by 10, we were walking out, on our meal and our check.
    Again, the food was good. My risotto was delicious, so was my husband's pasta. But what the hell happened?!? My guess is the kitchen ran out of risotto and had to make a new batch because my dish was absolutely freakin' scalding.
    As we sipped the last bits of our wine, we really were expecting that the staff would at least offer us a free glass (we were drinking inexpensive stuff) to finish our meal with. Nope.
    When we were finished with the entrees, the bus boy came by with the desert menu. We declined: no way were we waiting for that! We still had plans that night.
    The owner brought us a couple tablespoons each of some cantaloupe shaved ice anyway.
    Now, by this point, my SO and I were figuring out what to do if the check showed up. We were still hoping that the restaurant would have decency to comp us an app or a drink, SOMETHING to make up for this utter disaster. NOPE! FULL bill. I hate to stiff the service staff on a kitchen mistake, but what else could I do?! No tip.
    Look, I'm not one of those crazy people who demands perfect service every time. I understand sometimes the kitchen will run out of stuff, or something. But come talk to me. Tell me that my entree might take longer than expected and would I like to order something else? The people at the tables next to us arrived after we did, had a 2-course meal, paid and left BEFORE we got our entrees.
    This isn’t the first time someone screwed up my meal, either. At another neighborhood restaurant, the waitress forgot to put in our orders. But she had the balls to come over, apologize, get our dishes expedited and then comped our ENTIRE meal. 2 pieces of bread with some tomatoes on top and shaved ice that cost you a total of $2 is not going to cut it when my check came to $70.
    So yes, the food is good but you’re going to have to chance it on a kitchen and the service staff. I know I’m not coming back again. That was insulting.

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      While I most definitely agree that a 2 hr wait for food is unacceptable and not fun, not tipping your waiter isn't really the way to go. Speaking with a manager directly probably would have solved the problem (IE: giving Miranda the benefit of the doubt, made you feel a bit more respected and taken care of in the end- HOPEFULLY). The two owners at Miranda are the nicest I have met in the neighborhood as a diner. Hopefully, if they knew how upset you were they would have arranged something. It seems your waiter didn't handle the situation the best, but he still performed a service and for that, should receive something. In the end, I really think making management aware how horrendous the dining/service experience was for you and why is the way to go. It's a shame you won't be going back.

      I have had two great meals at Miranda- I did find the waitstaff to be a bit over attentive and slightly inexperienced, but it is what it is. The small plates are delicious- I think I have tried all of them at this point. Haven't had an issue with the kitchen, but then again it was a weeknight and the place wasn't very hopping.

      1. re: malibu

        See, the owner knew we were upset and did nothing (with exception of those few, very small gestures). That's why I'm as angry as I am.
        And I do feel badly about not tipping the wait staff. It was a busy night so hopefully, they made out OK.
        When I worked in a different, customer-oriented industry, if I knew my business didn't treat a customer right, I volunteered to offer them a partial refund or a small perk. Why should only those people that get loud and obnoxious and start complaining to the staff be acknowledged?
        And I will miss the food. But it's not worth having my whole night destroyed waiting for it.