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Mar 23, 2008 04:51 PM

springfield ma ~ 350 grill

kudos to new spot in springfield. the 350 grill on worthington street was a really good experience -- from the atmosphere to the great prices [signature ribeye is $18], this new restaurant is going to be a hot spot in a city where the good dining choices are very limited.

six of us has eight appetizers, three glasses of wine, seven cocktails, four beers and six entrees for $270! two of us had the wonderful sea bass special. my husband had the veal chop [most expensive item on menu @ $22], someone had the ahi tuna, someone else the carbonara [i wouldn't recommend] and someone else the caribbean prime rib special [he loved it!].

when the weather gets warm the doors will open to outdoor dining. my guess is max's tavern is going to lose a lot of biz to this place. 350 grill prices alone are a lot less than theirs - nevermind the better menu.

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  1. Very exciting. Checking it out tomorrow for dinner..will report back

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      Just tried tonight. Very nice decor and atmosphere. I tried one of the specials, a java sirloin for $24. The steak was very lean and tender. The cream sauce around it was too sweet for my tastes. It came with cauliflower that had a fishy taste. The garlic mashed were good but needed more garlic. I give this entree a 6 out of ten. Maybe a bit too daring. On a Wed night the place was packed, so word of mouth must be good. Service was excellent from the very busy girl at the bar! There are some interesting things on the regular menu so I definitely will try it again and report back!

    2. My husband and I went on Saturday night - sat at the bar for appetizers and cocktails. VERY reasonable and the food was fantastic! Bartender made a mean cocktail too! We picked 4 appetizers, my favorite was the veal meatballs, my husbands was the coconut shrimp. The bruscheta was fabulous and the last one was the scallop/beef skewers. The beef melted in your mouth, the scallops were just so/so. Would ask next time if we could just get the beef.

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        Recently went there also. Food & Portions are very good.. There are 3 or 4 wonderful high back circular booths, very romantic if you can get one.
        One of the more veggie friendly locations in Springfield (mostly Tapas/Appetizer menu, not really entrees)
        The eggplant tower was 5 or 6 slices of fried eggplant with tomato & mozzarella in between, would have loved more of the balsamic reduction sauce, which was yummy.
        Dissapointed that no one was sure as to the contents of the Spring rolls (veggie, meat or fish) So we had the rice balls which were also very good.
        The 350 house pasta was the only entree identified as vegetarian. The portion was large enough to share and we did. I expect most ordering this entree could expect to be bringing some home.
        The key lime pie was acceptable, but had a commercially prepared quality to it.
        Overall it was a very pleasant experience and the bill, with tax & tip (no alcohol) was under $40.00