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Angel Maid Bakery on Centinela

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Has anyone tried this place? Any good? I drive past it almost every day, and I have yet to go in. I was driving home from work and noticed they were closed, so they must close early. Another drive past, in the middle of the day, and they seemed very busy. What kinds of things do they have? Anything they do well? Any must haves?

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  1. Cream puffs are a MUST! Box of 16(?) for $8.00'ish

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      Grab some black coffee and you will be in gluttony heaven!

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        second the mini cream puffs, they had filled them fresh for me the time I had went, not sure if that is typical. way better than beard papa on sawtelle, the choux is crispy at angel maid and soggy at beard papa.

      2. Angel Maid started out serving mostly the local Japanese community when they first opened in the 80s. Now, they've become popular in general and can get very busy, particularly on Saturdays. Yes, the mini-cream puffs are great. And in general, their cakes are light, not too sweet, and most folks enjoy them. The cake with fresh strawberries is probably their most popular. Some of their other more popular cakes are with mango mousse as well as guava. Their mini-danishes are popular - I'm not a huge fan of these in general. They also have stepped it up recently with more patisserie-type desserts - monte blancs, macaron-imbellished raspberry mousse tarts, creme brulee, etc. Their Mexican wedding cookies are pretty good as well.

        Unless the "parking lot" in front is empty, don't even try to park in there - you either have to back in or back out from Centinela. It's alot easier to park along the street.

        1. Thanks for those tips. I am going to try and stop in and take some goodies in to work one day this week.

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            I drive past it everyday also, now I am tempted to try it!

          2. they have a divine chocolate mousse cake! although i never seem to be able to get their opening hours straight.

            1. Been going there for years, but not much lately since I moved from the area. I thought it opened before the 80's as bulinvinaka mentioned, but could be wrong. It's not the best ever, but a good solid neighborhood bakery. I'm partial to the shortbread-type cookies (esp jelly-filled ones), which remind me of my childhood.

              Aside from Sakura Restaurant and a couple lawnmower repair shops, Angel Maid is one of the few remaining Japanese-owned businesses along that strip of Centinela Blvd. Mago's is now Casa Sanchez, Hakata Gift shop recently closed and Aloha market is... I don't even know. Times are a changin'.

              1. I finally made it in this morning, just about half an hour ago. The staff was extremely friendly. I got a slice of bread pudding, something called "Bavarian pudding" that had fruit on top and what looked like ladyfingers bordering it (I'm not familiar with this pastry but my co-worker wanted something with fruit, and this looked good), and a handful of cream puffs.

                My co-worker is digging into her pastry and she loves it.

                The bread pudding wasn't a huge hit for me, but there were aspects of it that I liked. It's not over-sweet, which is a plus, but it has a very slight fruity tinge to it. I guess that's not a bad thing, I suppose that's just not what I expected when I bit into it. One good thing is that the dessert is really moist and has the nice texture you get when you add egg into this item, but it doesn't have an overpowering egg flavor. It was obviously carefully made.

                The cream puffs are FANTASTIC. They are the perfect proportion of lots of cream and little, well-flavored puff. The chocolate ones are very good, because the chocolate on top actually tastes like chocolate, and not like wax as I've had at other places.

                One thing they had that looked great were Elmo and Cookie Monster cookies, which I'm sure my son would get a kick out of. Maybe for a treat I'll pick some up on the way home.

                I thought the prices were reasonable. Not the cheapest bakery in town, but very fairly priced. I'll definitely be going back.