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Mar 23, 2008 04:46 PM

Birthday lunch with a view ... on a Saturday

Need some help fellow Chowhounders ....

Celebrating a birthday this coming Saturday and wanted to take advantage of the great weather. Can anyone suggest a nice restaurant for lunch with a great view - preferably outdoor seating (but not required)?? We're regular patrons at Trumps in RPV and love the seating there ... but need a "new place" for a special occassion. I know Saturday is difficult for lunch but ..... any suggestions is appreciated!

Thanks all!

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  1. The Lobster at Santa Monica Pier or Geoffrey's in Malibu

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    1. re: Bite Me

      Second the Lobster's quasi outside seating.

    2. Cliff's Edge?
      Saddle Peak Lodge deosn't have a view, but the patio is pretty.
      Spago also desn't have a view but has a nice patio

      Pick up a bunch of goodies at The Little NExt Door, grab a bottle of wine, and drive to Will Rodgers State park (the park, not the beach) on Sunset and enjoy a nice picnic on the lawn!

      1. Belmont Brewing Company in Long Beach has a gorgeous patio overlooking the ocean.

        1. I agree with Geoffrey's if it's a special occasion (great location).... If it's more a casual day on PCH, Duke's is a great stop for some food and a drink (always reminds me of a mai tai on the Islands). Moonshadows is also a decent stop in the neighborhood while Paradise Cove up towards Zuma is great because you can basically sit right on the sand.