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Mar 23, 2008 04:14 PM

The Counter in Plano

Anyone tried it? Love the concept, but would like to know if the meat is good...

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  1. It's any interesting concept. We had the turkey burger and the beef. The turkey burger was in fact the best I have had commercially. The sweet potato fries with dipping sauces is also interesting. That being said, it's good but I don't know that I would drive across DFW to eat there.

    1. The wife and I ate there about a month ago while shopping at legacy. I thought the bugers were really good (meat was good quality), with a cool, if not exactly novel, concept. And the mixed fries (with sweet potato) are a nice change (yes, village burger bar does this too). The only complaint: bun could've been better, but that's pretty picky. The wait staff and bartender were very nice. A very clean, Cali vibe inside. I'd reccomend it for sure.

      1. We really enjoyed it. The quality of meat was very good and fries were delicious. We recently tried Twisted Root Burger Company and thought it paled in comparison.

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          your post wasn't clear on "it". It sounds like it is Twisted Root. is it?

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            Sorry that wasn't clear. We really enjoyed the Counter. It was Twisted Root we didn't care for.

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            Wow, well that is quite the recommendation then, since Twisted Root is supposed to be the bomb...Must try The Counter

          3. I went to the Counter location in south Florida a few weeks ago, and loved it.
            I'll try to attach a pic of the good, messy burger....

            (or else you can see it in my "Trip Report" that I named "10 days in Florida, part 2" on . ........just click on 'forums' to find it...

            1. trying to attach pics..........please assist with some tips if this does'nt work!!