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Mar 23, 2008 03:41 PM

how can I make iced white tea, like Inko's?

It seems like it would be easy, but I don't know if anyone has perhaps perfected a technique. I really like white tea, and hate buying it bottled. Carbon footprint, and all that, plus I don't like the overly sweet or acidic taste many of them have (i.e. Lipton) from the artifical sweetner, citric acid, etc. I LOVE Inkos, but with as much tea as I like to drink, I would go broke really quickly buying that all the time. (I wish they made it in bigger bottles!) But I would love to make up pitchers of iced white tea at home, and add my own natural sugar, etc. But I'd like to make a whole pitcher, and I'd prefer using loose tea instead of bagged. Has anyone tried this?

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  1. I don't quite see the problem...the way you make any variety of iced tea is to steep loose or bagged tea in boiling water, sweeten to taste and chill. Normally you would make it somewhat stronger than hot tea, so just figure out how many cups your pitcher holds and put enough tea in a tea ball or fillable tea bag to make that number of cups, plus some more to compensate for the ice.
    I don't know what Inka's is, so I don't know if they use other flavors, but you might want a bit or lemon or lime juice since white tea seems pretty flavorless to me. It shouldn't be any different from making any other kind of iced tea... I like using agave nectar to sweeten it when I'm feeling really virtuous.

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      Ah, perhaps I should have clarified--when I make white iced tea myself, it doesn't have much flavor, tea or otherwise. Inko's unflavored iced tea seems to actually taste like tea, just more delicate. That's what I'm trying to accomplish.
      The agave nectar is a good idea!

    2. I don't like sweet tea myself and have never had Inko's...but...I do buy the white pomegranate tea at Trader Joe's to make iced tea with very good results. You could sweeten to taste as desired.

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        I don't know what Inko's tea is; but what I do know is the white tea needs to be brewed one minute and that is that. The stuff in the body ready made is not even pure tea most of the time. If there is a Teavana near you they sell many white teas, all unsweetended and you can brew your own at home. You can also order them on line.

      2. I don't think these folks have had Inkos. Look no more because there is nothing like it. Good luck finding anything close and take a look at sugar content....0-12 grams as to most popular brands at 27-75+ Inkos uses organic brewed iced tea,silver needle white tea, peony white tea that give it unique flavors. Also has minimal organic cane sugar, some natural flavor, honey. Some variations in different flavors. Also Bai5 is great and the bottles of Honest are actually not bad. Inks is top pick though. So my question is the can we make a similar drink to save money,possibly healthier yet and be practical? I'm assuming practicing you tea blends,and introducing flavors in natural form. Good luck and love to hear anybody's results. I'm in 65 bucks average on Inkos a week. That's a car payment lol. Look forward to hearing your input and success